5 Most Beautiful Lyrics From BTS Jin’s New Love Song For ARMYs, “Moon”

He really poured his heart out to ARMYs in this serenade.

In the latest Spotify interview, BTS‘s Jin revealed that the 16th track on their new Map of the Soul: 7 album, “Moon”, is his solo dedicated to ARMYs. He commented, “The premise of the song is that [he is] the moon and ARMYs are the Earth.” And in this bright, up-tempo song “written in the perspective of how the moon looks at the Earth”, Jin pours his heart out to his beloved ARMYs! Here are 5 most beautiful lyrics from “Moon” that will make you realize simply how much Jin appreciates you.

1. “You’re my Earth…”

You are my Earth and all I see is you. Just like this, I’ll keep my eyes on you.

— Jin

2. “A star where the flowers bloom and the sky shines blue…”

Everyone says I’m beautiful, but all I have is an ocean of darkness. A star where the flowers bloom and the sky shines blue — You’re the one that is truly beautiful.

— Jin

3. “I’m going to revolve around you…”

Oh, I’m going to revolve around you. I will stay by your side. I’m going to be your light, all for you.

— Jin

4. “I didn’t even have a name…”

I didn’t even have a name until I met you. You gave me love — and you became my reason.

— Jin

5. “You’ve been guarding my side…”

In daylight and through darkness, you’ve been guarding my side. Even in sadness and in sickness, you kept shining on me. Instead of words, in place of all the thank you-s, I’ll simply stay put by your side. In the blackest of nights, I will be with you, shining brighter.

— Jin

Watch Jin explaining the track in the interview here:

And listen to the song here:

Source: THEQOO