5 Of The Best Official K-Pop Lightsticks, According To Redditors

One of these lightsticks even saved a fan’s life!

If you go to a K-Pop concert, you’re sure to see lots of fans waving lightsticks!

Lightsticks are a way for K-Pop fans to show how proud they are to be fans of their favorite idols, and they’re also used to show support for idols as they take the stage at concerts, music shows, award shows, and more.

Redditors recently discussed their favorite lightstick designs, and here are 5 of their picks!


| Choice Music Los Angeles

SEVENTEEN‘s lightstick is called a Caratbong, and it’s named after their fans, CARATs. The Caratbong sports the group’s official colors, rose quartz and serenity. The diamond inside is also removable, so fans can put whatever they want inside their Caratbong!

Recently, the Caratbong made headlines after a Carat waved her lightstick as a flashlight as she waited to be saved during a flood. Turns out the Caratbong is as useful as it is beautiful!

2. SHINee

| SM Global Shop

SHINee‘s lightstick proves that a simple, elegant design can be absolutely gorgeous! This group’s lightstick boasts a Pearl Aqua diamond, which gives Shawols a chance to rep SHINee and their official color.

3. Cherry Bullet

| @cherrybullet/Twitter

Cherry Bullet‘s lightstick definitely fits their group name! The lightstick is red and white, and it is shaped like a gun. To add new batteries to the lightstick, Lullets load the batteries in like bullets.


| LOONA the World

LOONA‘s lightstick is gorgeous, elegant, and gigantic! This lightstick is 17 inches long, and it’s designed to look like a royal scepter. A gem enclosed by a golden crown and topped by a crescent moon sits on top of the lightstick, which really boosts its royal vibes.



| TWICE Wiki

TWICE‘s Candy Bong Z is super cute! The Candy Bong Z is the second version of TWICE’s lightstick. The lightstick gets its name from “Candy Boy,” a song from the group’s first mini album. The Candy Bong Z looks just like a lollipop as its name suggests!


Source: Image (1) and (2) and Reddit