A Caratbong Lightstick Literally Saved A Life Of A SEVENTEEN Fan

When K-Pop literally saves your life.

The Caratbong lightstick is known to be one of the brightest ones on the market. This came about with a renewal of the lightstick after SEVENTEEN member S.Coups suggested for the lightstick to be made even more powerful and brighter than the original one. He thoughtfully made the suggestion after taking into consideration that it would be late when fans return home after events and concerts.

The bright lightstick ended up saving a life. The Henan province in China was struck by a heavy flood recently, with many neighborhoods being cut off from electricity. As relief efforts were dispatched to save the stranded citizens, one SEVENTEEN fan received help from an unexpected item, namely, her Caratbong lightstick.

As she was waiting in the dark for relief staff to come save her, her lightstick was so bright that they were able to locate her instantly! As such, she was able to be taken to safety.

| @wonudear/Twitter

Another Carat also commented that her phone was out of battery and they were facing a blackout and electricity cut due to the flood. She ended up using her Caratbong as a flashlight the entire night.

| @wonudear/Twitter

What a relief! Everyone say thank you to S.Coups!

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