5 Celebrities Who Got Sentenced To Prison In 2020

Number 3 was just a trainee!

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

There have been plenty of celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry who got involved in scandals in 2020. There have even been several celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry who got sentenced to prison this year. Here’s a list of a few of these celebrities.

1-2. Ahn Joon Young & Kim Yong Bum

Ahn Joon Young was the PD (producing director) for the Produce 101 series, while Kim Yong Bum was the CP (chief producer). They both faced immense backlash once it was revealed that they had rigged the votes for the shows, and an arrest warrant was soon approved.

Ahn Joon Young
Kim Yong Bum

Both of them were sentenced to prison due to them rigging the votes on the show. They both also apologized for their actions.

I lied to myself.

I feel pathetic and resentful thinking that the efforts of the trainees and the staff members would not be in vain when [the show] produced good results. I will live with that truth and feeling of how my unjust actions were bound to collapse down on me and the consequences in my heart.

— Ahn Joon Young

I would like to sincerely ask for forgiveness from the people and trainees who were hurt by me, and also from my company, seniors, and juniors who I have brought dishonor upon.

— Kim Yong Bum

3. Huang Zhibo

Huang Zhibo is a former Yuehua Entertainment trainee who got involved in a big scandal. He faced immense backlash once it was revealed that he had been posting false sales information about facemasks, would take advanced payments, then not show up to the agreed meeting place to deliver the facemasks.

He then got kicked out of Yuehua Entertainment and got sentenced to 3 years and 3 months in prison.

4-5. Jung Joon Young & Choi Jong Hoon

These two got sentenced to prison in 2019, but they received their final prison sentences in 2020.

Jung Joon Young

In 2019, it was revealed that Jung Joon Young had been sexually assaulting and harassing women, illegally filming them, and sharing these videos on a group chat full of other celebrities, all of which was done without the consent of the women. One of the celebrities involved in this group chat was Choi Jong Hoon.

Choi Jong Hoon

Not long after this was revealed, the two were sentenced to prison. However, they both appealed for their sentences to be reduced. In 2020, the two were given their final prison sentences, with Jung Joon Young getting sentenced for five years, and Choi Jong Hoon getting sentenced for two years and six months.