4 K-Pop Scandals That Shocked The K-Pop World In 2020

Some of these are just heartbreaking.

2020 has been a crazy year for K-Pop, as there have been lots of scandals that seemingly came out of nowhere and shocked the K-Pop world. Here’s a list of a few of these scandals.

1. Former AOA member Jimin being a bully

Former AOA member Mina shocked many when she revealed that she had been the victim of bullying during her time in AOA. She shared multiple posts on her now-deleted Instagram account on how Jimin tormented her when they were bandmates.


While Jimin tried to deny the claims made by Mina, where she called Mina’s claims “fiction”, Mina would later make more posts sharing how much trauma Jimin caused. This eventually led Jimin to leave both AOA and the entertainment industry, as her image was now ruined.

Unnie, it’s way too scary of a story to call it fiction. I went for scar treatments 3~4 times so it got lighter. But unnie, my memories aren’t fading. I’m going crazy each and every day. Jimin unnie – laws? Lawsuits? I don’t have the money to do that. I can’t. Mental health damage compensation? I don’t need it all and I have no intention of getting it. I just feel that it is so, so unfair that I am being ruined by you. It hurts and I’m having a hard time. What I hope is just for you to admit you did wrong, in front of me. Just one sincere apology and that’s it. You who tortured me is living way too well…  I’m suffering every day just by opening my eyes. But I need to be the breadwinner for my family. Do admit your fault and apologize. Let me have some release as well, hmm?

— Mina


It wasn’t just Jimin that Mina called out, as she also called out FNC Entertainment and the other AOA members for not doing anything about the situation.

To me, they (other AOA members) are all the same bystanders, and the way they said that did hurt me. At the end, when everyone came over and Shin made an apology that wasn’t even genuine, the other Kim member asked the question of “What about the good times?” Mind you this member is still young. So I just let them say whatever they want but I really didn’t understand why she was asking that. She talks bad about her in front of her but tries to be on her good side at other times. I guess this could be seen a trying to have a good social life but to me, it didn’t look genuine and I didn’t understand it.

— Mina

2. Former AB6IX member Youngmin getting a DUI

Youngmin faced major backlash after he was caught drunk driving. After this was revealed, Youngmin immediately halted his activities to reflect on his actions.

Despite Youngmin posting an apology letter, the backlash continued, and many netizens commented on how Youngmin should be kicked out of the group.

Hello, this is Lim Youngmin.

I’m ashamed and sorry to deliver such disgraceful news.

I’m sincerely sorry for disappointing the people and fans who showered me with lots of love and hope.

I feel pathetic and miserable that I have to be a shameful hyung who caused my members to suffer unerasable harm due to my behavior. I’d also like to sincerely apologize to my company for causing them harm as well.

I’m deeply ashamed that the members who practiced hard for this comeback as well as the staff who worked hard have been harmed because of my foolish and irresponsible mistake…

I’m fully aware of the mistake I made, and I’m deeply regretting it and reflecting upon my actions. I will accept all of the blame regarding my irriversible actions with my head down and reflect upon it as I continue to live on.

To everyone including fans, members, company employees, and family, who believed in me and cheered me on… I am sincerely sorry.

–— Youngmin

Not long after, it was announced that Youngmin would no longer be a part of AB6IX.

3. Former ILUV member Shin Minah on her experience getting bullied

Shin Minah originally debuted as a member of ILUV in 2019 but ended up leaving the group.

ILUV is currently being revamped and is set to debut with more members. The new group, called BOTOPASS, contains a few members who were a part of ILUV. The group was supposed to debut on August 4, but the debut ended up getting delayed.

| @BOTOPASS/Twitter

It got delayed because Shin Minah confessed that she got bullied by several of the ILUV members.

As you all know, I have depression, panic disorder, and insomnia. The reason for suffering from depression, panic disorder and insomnia is that they have gone through unfair and painful things.

Because there were people who made me sick and tormented me to live in hell.

— Shin Minah

However, WKS ENE Entertainment, which is the company that housed ILUV, and is the one BOTOPASS will be debuting under, has refuted the claims made by Shin Minah and said that Shin Minah had a good relationship with the members. Since then, the two have been going back and forth on the matter.

4. Produce X 101 voting scandal, which led to X1’s disbandment 

While this began in 2019, the “final decision” wasn’t made until 2020. In late 2019, after X1’s debut, there was an investigation of whether the votes on Produce X 101 were rigged, which is the show that created X1. After some investigation, Korean police confirmed that the votes were rigged and that some of the X1 members weren’t supposed to debut in the group. Netizens grew furious when this was revealed, and it led to X1 having to halt all their activities.

Due to the severity of the scandal, the respective agencies of the X1 members had a meeting to discuss the future of the group. In the end, it was decided that X1 would be disbanding.