AB6IX’s Lim Youngmin Caught Drunk Driving, Halts All Promotions

He is reflecting on his actions.

AB6IX‘s Lim Youngmin was caught drunk driving, leading him to halt all his promotions and for AB6IX to delay their comeback.

Lim Youngmin’s agency, Brand New Music, revealed the news in their press release today.

Hello, this is Brand New Music.

First of all, we would like to apologize for the bad news we are bringing to the fans.

We would like to inform everyone about our artist, Lim Youngmin’s, drunk driving and the subsequent suspension of his activities.

Lim Youngmin was caught driving under the influence of alcohol on the morning of May 31 after meeting with his friends and drinking with them. While taking his own car back to his dorm, he was caught by police and his driver’s license was revoked.

Currently, Lim Youngmin is deeply reflecting on himself, and if there are any further investigations, he will faithfully comply with the police investigation. In addition, starting from today, Lim Youngmin will halt all promotional activities with AB6IX. Future AB6IX schedules will be done as 4 members without Lim Youngmin. Also, AB6IX was scheduled to release their new album on June 8, but due to reorganizing the team, the album release will be delayed to June 29.

We feel deeply responsible for such an event occurring with one of our artists.

We sincerely apologize for causing concern and worry to our fans who have always supported and cared for our artists. We promise to do our best to prevent something like this from happening again.

— Brand New Music

AB6IX was scheduled to make their comeback on June 8 with their 2nd mini-album VIVID.