Female Trainee, Shin Minah, Attempted Suicide After Being Bullied By Her Fellow Members

“There were people who made me sick and tormented me to live in hell.”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Shin Minah, who also goes by Cocoah on her YouTube channel, revealed that she attempted to take her own life after continually being bullied by her fellow members.

Minah originally debuted with a group called ILUV in 2019, but the group is currently being revamped to debut with more members. The new group, called Botopass, is currently releasing profiles of the members and is scheduled to debut on August 4.

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While training for her re-debut with the new group, Minah has been uploading videos to YouTube where she revealed the daily life of an idol trainee.

But her latest YouTube video had her fans alarmed when she confessed that she had attempted to die by suicide the night before. She had gone down to the Han River but was thankfully saved by a police officer.

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I went to the Han Gang River at dawn and was thinking bad things and the police saved me. I won’t forget.

Thank you very much, police officer, who is a cousin of SHINee’s Taemin. Thank you for comforting my mom. I’ll say thank you when I get healthy.

— Minah

She also confessed that she tried to take her own life because of the suffering she faced by the hands of “perpetrators”. She pleaded for them to stop.

| Shin Minah’s YouTube

I’d like to say a word to the perpetrators watching this YouTube. I’m so distressed because of you guys.

Please stop.

— Minah

Her fans were quick to point out that the “perpetrators” that she’s referring to are her fellow members who are preparing to debut together.

Minah had actually come forward days before that she’s been bullied by all of the members and that she’s been living in fear for the past 6 months. Fans explained that Minah was continually cursed out by her members who sexually harassed her and degraded her.

| @nugupromoter
| @nugupromoter

She’s frequently taken to Instagram to express her suffering as she couldn’t sleep and has been trying to stay off of social media to help her mental health.

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In another previous video, Minah had revealed that she was tested for COVID-19 after passing out from excruciating pain. While on the bus, she suddenly couldn’t breathe and felt pain and numbness in her heart and whole body.

She soon passed out and was rushed to the hospital. After testing negative, the doctor confirmed that her body suffered a breakdown due to depression, panic disorder and insomnia. And Minah mentioned it in short but confessed that there were people who tormented her.

As you all know, I have depression, panic disorder, and insomnia. The reason for suffering from depression, panic disorder and insomnia is that they have gone through unfair and painful things.

Because there were people who made me sick and tormented me to live in hell.

— Minah

Minah updated her Instagram demanding that her agency and members apologize for their actions. She revealed that she was able to cancel her contract with the help of a lawyer but she wants a formal apology from both the agencies and the members.


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I posted a message two days ago and a lot of people contacted me. Thank you so much for your concern… Thank you very much. I’m sorry I haven’t finished your reply yet.

It’s my first time to experience a hot phone. Many people are asking if we ate. Many people asked me if I was okay now. I still can’t eat it. I am currently 36kg.

One thing I can tell you is that I got a call from the company asking me to keep it a secret. I don’t know why I have to keep it a secret.

Shouldn’t you apologize? I want to be apologized to the people who gave me a hard time.

They’re probably watching this secretly. Think about it if you have a conscience. I’m dying. I know you’re watching secretly. Don’t hide.

— Shin Minah

Minah is taking a break from social media and the life of an idol trainee for the time being, but she vowed that she hasn’t given up on her dream and will return when she’s recovered.

Fans began trending the hashtag “#StayStrongCocoah” and showered her with love to show that she’s not alone but has the support of her fans and netizens around the world.

Stay strong, Minah!

Minah revealed her stories in the videos below:

Shin Minah vs. ILUV's Bullying Allegations