Shin Minah vs. ILUV's Bullying Allegations

Shin Minah Responds To Claims That She’s Lying And Explains Why She Hasn’t Released Evidence Yet
She left an enraged message to her former agency and members.
Former AOA Member Kwon Mina’s Post About Sulli Worries Fans
Fans are deeply worried for her.
Shin Minah’s Mom Responds To Agency And ILUV Members’ Lawsuit
She spoke up for her daughter.
BOTOPASS’s Debut Gets Delayed After Shin Minah Accuses Several Members Of Bullying Her
The company stated that it was due to the health of the members.
Former ILUV Member Shin Minah Revealed To Have Been Rushed To The Emergency Room
Her mother revealed the news.
Former ILUV’s Shin Minah Continues To Expose Other Members For Physical Assault
“They put a blanket over me and pressed down hard”
Agency Reveals Chats Between Shin Minah And ILUV Members That Conflicts The Bullying Controversy
The chats tell a completely different story.
Shin Minah Reveals More Details About How Her Members Bullied Her
They forcefully took her phone.
Shin Minah Reveals How The Agency Responded To Her Privately After Bullying News Broke Out
The agency knew everything.
Agency Releases Statement Against Shin Minah’s Claims Of Sexual Harassment And Bullying From Her Groupmates
The situation is getting trickier to figure out.
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