Shin Minah Reveals More Details About How Her Members Bullied Her

They forcefully took her phone.

Shin Minah, former member of ILUV and prospective member to the upcoming new girl group BOTOPASS, revealed more details about how she was bullied by her members while their agency simply stood by.

She began by revealing the exact time frame when the bullying began. A couple of months after debuting with ILUV, she joined the members in a dorm. As soon as she joined, the bullying began.

At first, it was tolerable but it soon began to get worse and worse to a point where she previously revealed that a member forced her to watch a video of herself having sex with her boyfriend.

In August 2019, I signed an exclusive contract and began living in a dorm with the other members.

At first, they bullied me to a point where I could withstand it but it began to get worse and worse. I was bullied for about 6 months. All of the members weren’t actually bullying her but they remained spectators even though they knew what was going on.

— Shin Minah

She ultimately decided to begin collecting evidence of their harassment to protect herself. But when a member began checking her phone, she had to use other secretive measures to ensure her safety.

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One of the members checked my phone. So to avoid her [deleting my evidence], I used burner phones or hid my phones to collect evidence.

— Shin Minah

When she asked her agency for help, they ignored her. When her story began to circulate on the internet, they decided to cancel her contract on terms that she promise to keep quiet.

But Minah bravely refused.

I asked the agency for help from the bullying countless times but they didn’t help. But after the bullying rumors arose, they sent me a confidentiality agreement on the terms that they cancel my contract.

Doesn’t that basically mean that what I’m saying is the truth? I refused to sign it.

— Shin Minah

Minah was able to cancel her contract with the agency through legal help, but the agency continues to deny her story. They claim she is lying.

Minah is currently receiving psychological treatment after the bullying she endured. She had come to a point where she even tried to take her own life. She emphasized that she won’t be backing down until all the perpetrators give her a sincere apology.

I want the perpetrators to sincerely apologize to me. I really want their apology.

— Shin Minah

Shin Minah vs. ILUV's Bullying Allegations