BOTOPASS’s Debut Gets Delayed After Shin Minah Accuses Several Members Of Bullying Her

The company stated that it was due to the health of the members.

Upcoming girl group BOTOPASS will be having their debut delayed.

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Three of the members of BOTOPASS were members of former girl group ILUV. Shin Minah, who was also a member of ILUV, recently made statements about how she was bullied and tormented by several members during her time in the group.

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WKS ENE Entertainment, which is the company that housed ILUV, and is the one BOTOPASS will be debuting under, refuted these claims, saying that Shin Minah was never bullied by her group members. Shin Minah ended up refuting these claims made by the company, as she shared some of the abuse she dealt with due to the members.

WKS ENE Entertainment recently announced that BOTOPASS’s debut will be getting delayed.

Hi, this is WKSENE.

We’re sorry to be announcing this to the fans who have been looking forward to BOTOPASS’s debut. We have put everything on the line as we worked hard toward our goal debut day on August 4.

The BOTOPASS members and agency, however, have decided to push the schedule back. As BOTOPASS got closer to debut, we have confronted false rumors about some former ILUV members on the team. These rumors have troubled not only the former ILUV members but also the other BOTOPASS members who prepared to debut.

— WKS ENE Entertainment

The company stated that while BOTOPASS was going to continue with their original debut date, the trauma from the accusations made it impossible.

We initially agreed on pushing forward with the debut regardless of the challenges, because we announced the date and promised the fans.

Unfortunately, because of the malicious attack launched on the 3 former ILUV members by the former teammate whom we’ve always thought of as family, the 5 BOTOPASS members are spending some of the most difficult times.

The members are shocked and psychologically unstable to the point that they’re having physical symptoms. As of now, we believe their treatment and recovery are our utmost priorities.

— WKS ENE Entertainment

They concluded by saying that they will deal with the rumors made by Shin Minah in court.

We ask for your gracious understanding.

We also will be dealing with the rumors at court. So please stop the malicious comments based on false accusations. We’ll strive to make sure that we prove our artists innocent, as well as help them satisfy their fans with an impeccable debut performance.

Thank you.

— WKS ENE Entertainment

Shin Minah vs. ILUV's Bullying Allegations