Former AOA Member Kwon Mina’s Post About Sulli Worries Fans

Fans are deeply worried for her.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Kwon Mina, former member of AOA, has been undergoing a difficult time ever since she revealed that she was bullied by fellow member, Shin Jimin. The story continues to develop as Mina claimed once more that Jimin and FNC Entertainment both have not sincerely apologized to her yet.

Recent shocking news had claimed that Mina had tried to take her own life again. Mina soon explained that it wasn’t recent but a past event ,and her agency claimed she’s resting at home.

But Mina updated her Instagram with a post featuring a fan-taken photo of herself with a caption about Sulli. She wrote, “I miss you, Sulli…

Sulli was a former member of f(x) who frequently had overlapping promotional periods with AOA. Mina and Sulli were close in age and had probably developed a friendship as they ran into each other at the music shows.

Sulli had passed away by suicide late last year after being viciously attacked by malicious commenters.

| @jelly_jilli/Instagram

Considering Sulli’s tragic story, Mina’s post sparked worry among her fans as they became concerned for Mina’s wellbeing and safety.

Mina has been speaking out about her story as she continued to explain more about how the AOA members and their agency mistreated her. Some netizens even began to criticize her as trying to “play the victim“, and Mina bravely fought back through her own posts.

Fans are sending love and strength to Mina during her difficult time.

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