Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Updates Instagram Revealing Why She Unfollowed The Other Members

She updated again.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Previously, former AOA member Kwon Mina revealed that she tried to take her own life and posted a message about it through Instagram.

Not long after, she posted another lengthy post revealing the reason as to why she unfollowed the other members of the group.

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저 지금 자살시도 한거 아니구요 한 한달정도 전쯤에? FNC관계자랑 연락하다가 한 행동입니다 아 그리고 디엠으로 멤버들과 왜 언팔을 했는지 물어보시거나 욕을 하시거나 해명을 해달라고 하시는 분들이 많은데 그것도 네 말씀해드릴께요 제가 욕 먹을 행동 한건 아닌거 같아서요.. 우선 신지민 언니 사건은 다들 아시니까 이해 하실꺼고 절친 김씨는 저 신씨 언니가 김씨 욕하고 험담처럼 이야기 할때도 동요한적 한번도 없습니다 오히려 저는 김씨를 원래 되게 아꼈던 친구였는데 신씨의 절친이라는 이유만으로 다가가지는 못하다가 걱정이 되서 진심어린 조언도 해주고 진심으로 걱정했었는데 당연히 제가 신씨 언니때문에 힘들어했던거 모든 멤버가 알고 있었고 끝에 이야기 나눌때 김씨는 자기는 아무렇게나 되도 상관이 없고 그냥 이 상황이 싫다고 했었습니다 제 입장에서는 똑같은 방관자 였기도 하고 그 말도 서운했었구요 다른 김씨 동생은 마지막 다같이 신지민언니랑 사과 같지도 않은 사과 하러 온다고 왔을때 그때 한다는 질문이 좋았던 추억은? 이라고 묻더군요 어려요 그 친구. 그래서 잔소리를 하든 뭘 하든 냅뒀었고 어린거 알지만 도무지 그 소리는 뭔 소리인지 모르겠더군요 앞에서는 그 언니 욕. 뒤에서는 그 언니 잘 맞춰주고 저는 이런 모습 물론 어찌보면 사회생활 하는거지만 잘 못하는 저로써는 진정성이 없어보였구 이해는 못했어요 그리고 서 언니는 절 진심으로 아껴주고 생각해준건 맞지만 그 아무도 신지민 언니 앞에서 누구 하나 나서 준 사람 없습니다 신 친구 그나마 언니에게 왜 기억을 못해 나도 알고 다 아는데 그리고 저보고도 사과 받을거면 똑바로 받으라고 하더군요 근데 사과를 제대로 해야지 말이죠 그냥 제 눈에는 맞아요 누가 방관자라는 단어를 많이 쓰던데 김씨 친구들은 충분히 특히나 절친 그 친구는 충분히 방관자라고 제 입장에서는 생각이 들어서 팔로우를 제일 먼저 끊었고, 나중에는 AOA의 기억을 점점 지우고 싶어서 다 끊었습니다 이 이유를 통해서 이해해달라는 말도 아니고 디엠 보내지 말라는 것도 아니고 이제는 제 입장 제 생각 그냥 솔직하게 말하고 싶어서 적었습니다

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I did not attempt to die by suicide just now, it was about a month ago? It’s something that I did while I was contacting FNC officials. Oh I also received a lot of DMs asking about why I unfollowed the members, people cursing at me, and people asking me to clarify things so I will do that now because I don’t think I did anything to deserve hate.

— Kwon Mina

Kwon Mina explained how she felt about member “Kim”, which fans assume to be Seolhyun.

| @kvwowv/Instagram

First off, the incident with Shin Jimin you all know and understand and I never once participated in talking bad about Kim with Shin. I actually really cared about Kim but couldn’t get close with her because she was close with Shin. But I did worry about her and gave her real advice. All the members knew that I was having a hard time because of Shin but at the end of it all Kim acted like what happened didn’t matter and just wanted this situation to be over with.

— Kwon Mina

She also explained how she felt about the other members.

To me they are all the same bystanders and the way they said that did hurt me. At the end, when everyone came over and Shin made an apology that wasn’t even genuine, the other Kim member asked the question of “What about the good times?” Mind you this member is still young. So I just let them say whatever they want but I really didn’t understand why she was asking that. She talks bad about her in front of her but tries to be on her good side at other times. I guess this could be seen a trying to have a good social life but to me it didn’t look genuine and I didn’t understand it.

— Kwon Mina

Finally, she added why she’s trying to clarify her relationship with the members.

| @kvwowv/Instagram

And member Seo did take care of me genuinely but no one has ever stood up for me in front of Shin. At least Shin told her ‘why don’t you remember, I know and we all know’ and told me to properly accept the apology too. I would, if the apology was genuine. To me, this is all correct. Someone used the word ‘bystander’ a lot, and the Kim members, especially the best friend to Shin, were bystanders to me so I unfollowed them first. Later, I wanted to erase the memories of AOA so I unfollowed the rest of them too. With this reason, I’m not asking for people to understand or to stop sending DMs, I wrote this because I just want to truthfully express my opinion and thoughts about this matter.

— Kwon Mina

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