Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Reveals She Tried To Take Her Own Life Again And Calls Out FNC

She tried taking her life again.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Former AOA member Kwon Mina revealed she tried to take her own life again after seeing a message from a FNC Entertainment staff member.

In her latest post on her Instagram account, she revealed the events that transpired, leading for her to make her drastic decision.

I’ll just let it out. Before anything, fans and public, don’t be worried. I did a photo shoot that I really enjoyed. This happened because of an event that recently happened with an FNC official on Kakaotalk.

The unnie that was said she was apologizing when she came in, was she really apologizing to the person she was supposed to? Don’t tell lies. After apologizing, they said they would check it. A while later, they said she was begging for an apology?

If the person that comes to apologize has her eyes that wide open and is looking for a knife, even if I can’t remember the way they spoke, those eyes won’t be forgettable, what kind of apology would I accept there? I gave up on that.

Anyway, I was so surprised to see the message from the FNC Entertainment official, so I tried to kill myself again, but my manager’s younger sibling ran over and took me to a university hospital. I cut myself so much now that I’ve lost all my nerves in my wrist, so they didn’t give me anesthesia and they just stitched me up with a needle and thread. They gave me some painkillers to deal with the pain, and the doctors had a hard time… I feel guilty about it. What do you like about me? My previous manager is still around me, acting like my guardian…

And at the end of that unnie’s statement, I don’t know who made her do it, but she changed it from just ‘to Mina’ to ‘an apology to Mina’. Why would she apologize to my dog? She said she would stop her entertainment activities but it seems like she will just come back when things quiet down. I can’t see that happen. I suffered more than that for 11 years. But all over Instagram and YouTube… people are saying why are you like this? At least I did not lie to her and she doesnt know what I’ve been through, I have nothing to hide.

She posted that it was fiction, but her manager came and told her to take it down. My manager told me to take some medicine and sleep well, and FNC said they were having a hard time because of that person. They provided me with a psychiatrist and I wondered if they really did care about me, but isn’t it illegal for them to talk about me to their friends and other people? I think they told my stories to someone else. I never complained about my trainee debt, contract, or payment issues. I only spoke about what I was asked to, but that person who asked is speaking out about it on their own. What do you want the parents to say to their daughter after calling then in? My parents only came the first time and never again and unlike others, we haven’t had any complaints.

I’ve passed out dozens of times from the stress, and I still do pass out, but I will try to get better and look forward to living my life. I’m working hard on that, but whether it’s FNC or that unnie, is it really that difficult for a sincere, honest apology? I was once a person who didn’t think much, but was bright and positive and now I have depression, social anxiety, and take sleeping pills. I used to be able to sleep 15 hours a day, and now I only sleep 1.

Are you all doing well? I’m sure you care about me in your big company. If you cared, you would have contacted me at least once. I’m afraid that you think I’m a psycho or a crazy bitch. Anyway, you already missed the timing of a sincere apology, so just take care of your current trainees and artists and actors and seniors, so no one like me happens again. When someone says they don’t want to renew a contract because of someone, you should first ask what’s going on, what’s difficult? Don’t just tell me about the next event, the next CF. The CEO said ‘you’re not paying for your psychological expenses are you?’ when discussing a contract renewal, and you’re right, so I paid it all.

Even now, I’m still having a hard time, but there are also a lot of people cheering for me. The staff at my current agency think of me as a person first, so I feel very encouraged. There’s someone on YouTube who saw my wrist and said ‘Mina just wants attention’. If the person who is saying that is a 3rd party, then sure, you can say that, just how odd does it look as an outsider? But I’ve only said a tiny fraction of what has happened over the past 11 years, there are things I haven’t told my friends of 11 years or even my family. Yes, I want attention, of course, I am an attention seeker, but what are you interested in with me? Well, let me tell you something. If you want attention, you should want to die. You can end life with self-harm. I’ve tried so many times to end it. I feel resentful to the people who said I shouldn’t do this, and came to save me when it was hard and I wanted to die. My family is scared now and crying, what sins did my family do to have me passed out and taken away, with bloodstained wrists…

I’m really upset, angry, and can’t sleep. Why am I still being hurt, who should I confess to? Who should compensate me for ruining me? I hope there won’t be anyone like me in the future.

— Kwon Mina

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