Dispatch Releases Text Messages And Transcripts Between Kwon Mina And Shin Jimin

Dispatch revealed it all.

Dispatch has released a series of text messages and chat logs between former AOA members Kwon Mina and Shin Jimin, showing the progression of their relationship, from close friends to enemies.

On April 3, 2020, Shin Jimin was mourning the loss of her father. Kwon Mina went to visit her at her father’s funeral, and there, Jimin apologized. Mina cried at the funeral, and the two shared a hug. Since then, Mina and Jimin exchanged several text messages, and Dispatch was able to obtain transcripts of the text messages.

The first series of text messages exchanged showed Mina comforting Jimin, and Jimin also responding in a positive manner.

April 4, 2020

Mina: (Omitted) … the moment you said sorry to me, I exploded [with emotions]. How would things have been if we were a little closer, if we were more honest with each other, I really regret that. Thank you so much for being so grateful. Jimin, I’m also very sorry and thankful towards you. (Omitted) … and don’t be sick anymore. Be healthy. Thank you Jimin. For hugging me.

Jimin: I love you, Mina.

Mina: I’m sorry and thankful, Jimin.

Mina: Next time, hug me tight!

Jimin: Of course. Don’t get sick, Mina.

April 8, 2020 11am KST

Mina: Jimin, you called?

Jimin: Yea. I just thought of you so I called [typed in a cutesy way].

May 12, 2020 11pm KST

Mina: Jimin! I’m sorry I didn’t answer your call. I’ve been having a hard time lately. I didn’t answer any phone calls that day. But you don’t need to worry. I’ll try [to answer yours]. Are you okay, Jimin? Don’t get sick. If we can meet up next week or the week after, lets get food. We can get drinks too.

Jimin: Alright Mina~ (heart emoji)

Mina: When would be better, next week or the week after?

Jimin: I think the week after will be better! Mina, has it been very hard for you? ㅠㅠ

Mina: Yea Jimin. I think I’m not in my right mind these days… ㅎㅎ

Two months passed by and on July 3, 2020, Mina suddenly targeted Jimin with her first expose, stating that she was bullied by Jimin and wanted to take her own life. Jimin responded with a simple Instagram story calling it “fiction”, but Mina continued to share stories about what Mina did to her and even brought in the company, FNC Entertainment. Three months after their embrace at Jimin’s father’s funeral, the two were back to square one.

On July 3, the AOA members, including Jimin, went to visit Mina after her posts. Dispatch was able to obtain transcripts of part of their two-hour meeting. Jimin and Mina went in circles with each other, with the difference in their memories about past events separating the two.

Jimin: I’m also here because I have something to say. There are things that you have accepted. There are things I don’t remember, but you said. I’m here to apologize for those.

Mina: You don’t remember, really?

Jimin: So I will apologize for everything. I didn’t know.

Mina: Wow.


Jimin: I’m here today to resolve the problems. I will admit that I did wrong things.

Mina: I would prefer if you said something that actually made sense. I know that you don’t remember what happened. Okay, I will understand you.

Mina: Jimin, you’re not at that level. Do you remember hitting me? I was always in front of you, so you hit me.

Jimin: Where did I hit you?

Mina: You hit me in the chest like this! Should I hit you the same way?

Jimin: Did I hit you a lot?

Mina: Yes

Jimin: I thought I only pushed you like this before…

Mina: Nope. You hit me with your fists. It seems like you don’t remember things well usually. You’re not here to resolve things.

Jimin: Yes I am here to resolve things.

The next day, Mina pointed out Jimin’s attitude during her apology, and the AOA members were present for a conversation between Jimin and Mina.

Mina: Do you see this? My left arm has been skinned.

Jimin: Why did you do that? I’m sorry.

Mina: You’re asking why I did that? Why? I’m so frustrated that you can’t remember anything that you did to me. How can you not remember such a thing?

Jimin: Do you have a knife?

Chanmi: Don’t do it.

Jimin: I’m just going to die.

Choa: Stop it. If you’re going to apologize, do it properly. What is this?

Jimin: My apologies…

Choa: If you are sorry, then you can finish it by just saying one thing…

Jimin: This is all because of me so I’ll leave.

Choa: If you leave like this, will everything just be solved?

Jimin: I’ll leave. I’m sorry everyone. Mina, I’m sorry.

Choa and Chanmi came out to try to help resolve the conflict between Mina and Jimin. The four continued their conversations together, but there were still lines drawn between the two in conflict. Jimin kept saying she couldn’t remember anything, while Mina kept saying she couldn’t receive a proper apology.

Chanmi: Everyone just wait a moment. Let’s all calm down.

Mina: You hurt me like this, but you don’t remember?

Jimin: It was all my fault. I’m so sorry.

Mina: Jimin, do you not remember?

Jimin: It’s my fault, everything that I did to you.

Mina: I became a crazy person.

Jimin: I’m sorry. I really…

Mina: But I…

Jimin: But really, I came here so apologize to you.

Mina: I became a crazy person. I’m a broken person, but you don’t remember anything?

Jimin: [bursting into tears] I’m so sorry that this is all I have in my memories. It’s all my fault. You don’t need to forgive me, but I’m really here to apologize to you. As a leader, I wanted to take us on a good path, I didn’t know those things hurt you and left you scars.

Jimin: I’m talking from my point of view.

Mina: Say it, please.

Jimin: From my point of view, as a leader, to you…

Mina: You treated me well?

Jimin: I thought a lot that it would be better if we went down a better path…

Jimin: I think for everyone… So I didn’t know that it hurt you as much as it did until you pointed it out.

Mina: You wanted to walk down the better path, but you didn’t want to see my body and thought my face was like sh*t? Is that the way to go down a better path?

Jimin: I never said that.

Mina: I ended up getting depression because of you and went down the wrong path. Do you know what I mean?

Jimin: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for recklessly bullying you over small things.

Mina: Everyday, you would bully me. Do you not remember?

Jimin: I bullied you everyday?

Mina: Yes. I had to take medicine everyday.

Jimin: When you were sick, I was the one who stayed with you until the end. Do you not remember either?

Mina: I remember. Do you know what I was thinking inside? That Jimin doesn’t know I’m sick because of her.

Jimin: Oh really? I didn’t know that.

The conversation between the two was getting no where, and Choa stepped in to try to mediate. Other members also expressed their own thoughts.

Mina: Why do you hate me?

Jimin: I don’t hate you.

Mina: Was it only difficult for me?

Chanmi: We aren’t siding with either side here.

Choa: It’s difficult for young people to talk things out. And Jimin, saying you’re leaving doesn’t solve the problem. If there’s something you’re upset or sad about, just listen first. You’re the older one.

Jimin: I’ll listen.

Choa: Then you will just have to listen.

Choa: And honestly, how many times have you met before meeting us together and fighting like this? How many more meetings will there be in the future? You could just listen and say “ah, that’s how it was, I was young at that time, I’m sorry”

Jimin: I’m sorry.

Choa: Yes, just like that.

Even with Choa’s intervention, Mina had issues with Jimin’s memory of events.

Mina: There’s a saying right? The person delivering the hit won’t remember the person they hit. But the person who gets hit will remember it for the rest of their life.

Jimin: I will leave AOA.

Mina: Don’t leave.

Jimin: No. I will leave.

Choa: Jimin. If you leave right now, that will not solve anything.

Jimin: You are all victims.

Choa: If I think about it, okay. Our schedule was really terrible. Maybe you were sensitive towards Mina, and you did what you did to relieve that feeling. And when Mina is sensitive towards you, she may see you in the same way. Isn’t that possible?

Choa: Jimin. Mina also came to me saying “Choa, it’s so hard because [she’s] so sensitive.” I was so sorry for her, I couldn’t say anything. You can also apologize for that.

Jimin: I was very sensitive, I was so young at the time, I’m sorry for my mean actions.

Mina: If I could have paid the penalty fee, I would have left earlier. I would have left before I became psychotic.

Jimin: I’m sorry. I apologize for everything that you have gone through.

Mina: But I’m so frustrated hearing that you can’t remember anything.

Jimin: I’ll try to remember.

Mina: You won’t remember.

Jimin: I’ll remember it. I was wrong for everything I did to you. I was young and overly sensitive. I’ve been so mean to you, I’m so sorry.

This time, Hyejeong stepped up. As the AOA member closest to Mina, Mina would often share her feelings to Hyejeong.

Hyejeong: But it seems like this. Mina told me something like this before.

Hyejeong: But you don’t seem to remember. Because of you two… (others are receiving damage)

Jimin: I’m sorry. I’m sorry!

Hyejeong: Mina, you should apologize too.

Mina: I will apologize to the members, but I won’t need to apologize to Jimin.

Jimin: Right, you don’t have to apologize to me.

Hyejeong: You can’t be like that.

Jimin: I’m sorry to everyone. I wanted to make the team do well.

Hyejeong: I know.

Mina: You’re kidding, right?

Chanmi: Let’s hear her out. Let’s listen to what Jimin has to say.

Mina: Did you think having sex with a guy would help our team do well?

Jimin: From my point of view, I remember that I said we were doing well. So I guess I wasn’t able to realize that I was so wrong.

Jimin: Listening to this now, you guys were so stressed out. I want to say I’m sorry about that.

Hyejeong: No, it’s okay. We’re fine. We understand that, so we are on your side as well still.

Hyejeong: But because you don’t remember things, you haven’t been able to resolve your conflict with Mina. You need to remember and apologize to Mina.

Mina: Hyejeong, how will she apologize if she can’t remember what happened?

Hyejeong: People can continue to think and think.

Mina: Hey! Even if she thinks about, she won’t remember it.

Hyejeong: She is just flustered because it was so sudden.

Mina: I became a crazy person.

Hyejeong: I think I’m also going to become crazy because of you.

Mina: Try being a crazy person then.

Hyejeong: I don’t want to.

Choa: Mina! It really could be that Jimin doesn’t remember what happened. She did apologize.

Mina: But when Jimin first came in, everyone saw it. I thought she was coming in to fight me.

Chanmi: At first, Jimin may have come in like that because she didn’t know the specifics about the situation. She may have had her doubts about it.

Mina: I understand what you all are saying, but really, try to live a day in my life.

Choa: I’m sorry, Mina. I really didn’t know you as well as I should. We should have talked about it if something like that was happening…

There were times that Mina listened to the members. To receive Jimin’s apology. But the wound did not heal easily. 

Mina: Ok I’ll take the apology. I got an apology.

Jimin: I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Mina: Ok Unni. I’m sorry too. I’m sorry I lost my mind. I’ll stop about your dad. Sorry about the dad thing.

Jimin: We’re sorry.

Hyejeong: That’s what I said. We all did wrong.

Mina: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything so please leave my house. I’ll accept the apology. I’ll accept Jimin’s apology. Ok?

Choa: Hey Mina.

Mina: I think I’m losing my mind.

Chanmi: How can we go comfortably?

Mina: I will try my best too. I will try my best to understand a lot and forget.

Choa: I know too. How sensitive I was in the past. I am sorry to all of you.

Yuna: Anyway, since you got it all out, it will get better now.

Mina: You’re right. A lot of it has been reduced. In the future, I will try my best, I have to. What else can I do.

Mina: You (Seolhyun) don’t cry.

Seolhyun: Ok. Don’t worry about us. If you live with resentment, that is your loss.

Finally Choa summarized the situation at the time. From the position of the oldest sister, she tried to understand both sides.

Choa: We had a really crazy schedule back then. So we didn’t have to time take care of ourselves.

Choa: But there is also something else. You’re such a naive and sweet kid. When I try to talk to you, you don’t listen.

Mina: Yea, that’s true.

Choa: You try to cover your ears.

Mina: Yea, I do. I’m trying to fix that.

Choa: That’s why I thought, ‘She’s a kid that doesn’t listen’…and to be honest, I gave up a bit. But I think Jimin thought that because you listened if she said something, she thought that was the right way to go about it. But that’s not true. This wasn’t the best way to go about it.

Mina: Yeah.

Choa: You became dissatisfied with this. It really became a problem because we don’t fight much.

Mina: I’ll work hard too. I need to get it together now. I came home and talked and said sorry and cried. 

Member: Even Seolhyun who suffered the most also says she’s sorry.

Seohyun: No, no.

Mina: Yea, her face has gotten smaller. Do you still have a crazy schedule?

Seolhyun: Yea, I’m filming a drama.

Choa: Don’t post more on Instagram, ok?

Mina: Of course not.

Choa: I also get goosebumps when I think about the last time I uploaded something. You will be embarrassed later.

Mina: I’m already embarrassed. 

After meeting with Mina, Jimin posted an apology online.

I didn’t understand Mina well, and I felt like I didn’t pay close attention to her. I cried yesterday and begged and cried again. I was in my early 20s and thought that our team had to show a good image to the staff and the outside, but I think I was a leader that lacked a lot.

— Jimin

Did the conflict between the to end like this? No, it started again. After Mina posted her rebuttal on social media, she attempted to self-harm.

You begged? Did you say you begged? Before I go, let me say something. Yesterday you said that you did that so that we would be going on the right path. Does such a person bring a man to the dorm and have sex?

— Mina

Jimin left the music industry. She no longer responded to Mina’s revelations. Then, starting from November 2020 to May of this year, Mina sent text messages to Jimin.

“I guess you’re doing well reading and not replying to my texts. When are you going to sincerely apologize?”

“You know where my house is. Or should I go there? (November 2020)

“Jimin, why aren’t you replying? Are you not going to reply even after I’m dead? Get it together. I will never forget you for the rest of my life.”

“I want to pay you back for what you did. I’m holding it in well. If you read this, reply. Are you not mad? You should come and hit me lol. Come on. Are you even human?”

“Jimin, you can’t do this to me. A person is dying, don’t you have feelings? lolololol. You don’t have any guilt? It’s time for your personality to come out, why are you so quiet?”

“You found a knife at my house. I have a lot of knives. Come on. You can’t even stab me lolol.”

“As long as I’m alive, I will take revenge, Jimin. I will never forget the things you did to me and the words you said. I will get my revenge, just you wait Samuel Jackson.” (April 2021)

“Jimin, read my texts. You messed with the wrong person. Where did our strong Shin Jimin go? You gotta have a battle with me. I can go or you can come. Come on you whore.” (April 2021)

She even mentioned parents in her texts.

“Did you lose the fun after doing this for ten years? Don’t you have any guilt? Are you even human?”

“Does you mother not feel guilty at all? Her daughter is the cause of another person’s daughter dying.”

“Hey Jimin. Is your mother unwell by chance. Please get in touch with me. We’re going to speech other again anyway.” (May 2021)

On July 5, 2021, Mina held a live broadcast and stated, “A member of AOA likes to have sex.” She then left a comment, “That’s Shin Jimin.”

Mina’s attacks are still ongoing. Most recently on September 1, she referred to Jimin on a YouTube channel. Since then, she has written 3 posts as of September 6. 

Dispatch met with staff that spent a long time with AOA. What kind of memory do they have of Mina? A staff member came with a conversation in the KakaoTalk room that was exchanged at the time. Staff A revealed an “errand” conversation. Staff A commented, “Mina also asked for personal favors. I didn’t know if making dentist appointments were a part of a managers job. But because she asked I had no choice.”

Mina: Whoever it is, managers, someone please make a reservation for dental nerve treatment. How many times do I have to say this?

Manager: I sent you a KakaaTalk that we can’t make a reservation.

Mina: So make an appointment somewhere else? You probably only called that one place. Find an appointment at another place.

Mina: Should I keep waiting when I receive a KakaoTalk saying no? Did you reserve another day? You didn’t.

Mina also asked to make an appointment for her mother’s dermatology procedure. One weekend (Saturday) evening in January 2018, she requested a personal errand. She asked, “Can you book a dermatology clinic appointment. Not for me, but for my mom.”

Mina: Not me, it’s for my mom.

Manager: I’ll try to make an appointment when I get to work on Monday.

Mina: Thanks. Try to get an appointment as fast as you can.

Manager: Can you tell me your mother’s name and date of birth? I think I need this info when making a reservation. (8 PM)

She left a message at 2 AM on Monday.

Mina: Hey XX, sorry but when you call and there are times available, please reserve for the later time.

A KakaoTalk was received again at 4 AM.

Mina: If you make a reservation and Monday is available, call me right away. (4:41 AM)

Manager: Ok. I’lll call the clinic as soon as it opens. (8:30 AM)

An official from the Entertainment Management Association interpreted this as an obvious power trip. They pointed out, “If it is necessary for entertainment activities, then you can ask for a hospital reservation, but a mother’s hospital reservation is far outside the scope of a manager’s work.”

The relationship between Mina and the staff wasn’t that smooth. The FNC managers called Mina a “commander.” Words such as “sensitive,” “angry,” and “terrified” appeared frequently.

Manager: Hoo~ Mina unni is scary.

Manager: Today was a bit much.

Manager: It’s not that I didn’t send a KakaoTalk, I sent it in advance.

Manager: Huh? I sent a KakaoTalk yesterday and she said, “Hey, Don’t talk back.” (April 2018)

The new manager expressed their hardships and the senior manager tried to console them.

Manager: She comes out angry, doesn’t she? (From the shop)

Manager: I think it’s just because Mina unni is particularly sensitive.

Manager: Nothing really happens at the shop with the other members.

Manager: Besides, it looks like she didn’t sleep today.

Manager: It’s hard to always be on our toes around Mina unni.

Mina was afraid of Jimin. She wrote, “I was scared of being scolded by Jimin unni so I couldn’t say anything.” Conversely, the younger manager was afraid of Mina.

Manager: She arrived at location A and just shut the door and left. I think she’s still angry.

Manager: You should have said something to her. Like ask her to text you when she’s done.

Manager: I felt like I would lose it mentally if I started conversation with her. Ha this is hard.

AOA’s longtime staff also pointed out Mina’s attitude. They can’t only blame Jimin’s leadership.

She asked if she could sleep in the car if there is still time. But because the camera starts at 2:25, I want to tell her that there won’t be enough time, but I feel like she will say why didn’t I let her sleep when there’s so much time left, if she comes up now.

— Bingle Bangle music video shoot, Manager report

Dispatch has covered the conflict between Mina and Jimin in various ways. Above all, there was a lot of concern about the coverage of the report. After a long discussion, we decided to release the text messages, KakaoTalk, and conversations. If only one side’s argument is repeated, this conflict will never end.

The people who consumes(?) Mina’s stories should also know the before and after of the conflict. It is necessary to understand the positions of both sides through objective data. Anger and blame, rebuke and understanding come next. 

Lastly, Mina is a victim of Jimin. If she was hurt, then she was hurt. Conversely, Mina could also be someone’s perpetrator. If you are hurt, then you are hurt.

Mina: Managers. If we ask for a pickup, don’t just ask the singer team, do your best. Please do your best when we request something.

Manager: It’s a bit awkward for us to ask the actor manager team too. And we already asked the recording team.

Mina: Ok unni. Why didn’t you explain it like that yesterday. Why are you letting me know now.

Mina: Ok unni. Don’t call me from now on. Why do I have to listen to you like a student listening to a teacher? I cried because of you too so be sorry.

Mina: This is ridiculous. It’s hard because I asked you to buy me food, buy me cola? I haven’t talked about it since I came to Geondae.

Mina: Sorry that I requested food. Ok? You’re saying that backup was difficult because of me, right? Unni don’t get involved in my work ever. If you’re going to say something like that.

Source: Dispatch

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