Kwon Mina Clears Up Rumors About Texts Sent Between Her Mom And Ex-Boyfriend

She has posted online once again.

Kwon Mina’s Instagram post has since been deleted.

It looks like Kwon Mina has taken to Instagram once again to post about the recent events that have taken place.

The texts her mom sent to Yoo were as follows:

This is Mina’s mother. Mina was sent to Hanyang Hospital in an ambulance. I’m on my way there, you should come here too.

⁠— Mina’s mother text to Yoo (July 27, 2021)

I think posting on Instagram is just making things worse. You all said that my mom sent suicide threats to Yoo through text, right? It is true that these events happened because of Yoo, but the photo above are the only texts that were sent between my mother and Yoo. There were no replies and no other texts sent after that.

I’ll keep it short. In this case, I will also meet with reporters starting tomorrow and submit all photos. I will also tell-all about agency F, the managers, Shin unni, and more. If evidence and witnesses are needed I will try my best to have them ready. I will stop posting long posts on Instagram. I will admit my wrongdoings and think about it over again as I talk about it. I’m sorry.


Previously, Dispatch released a series of text messages and chat logs between former AOA members Kwon Mina and Shin Jimin, showing the progression of their relationship. Following the release of the article, Mina took to Instagram to respond to the post.

Former AOA's Mina vs. Jimin's Bullying Allegations

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