Kwon Mina Responds To Dispatch’s Report In A Lengthy Instagram Post

She wants to explain her side of the story.

Recently, Dispatch released a series of text messages and transcripts between former AOA members Kwon Mina and Shin Jimin, showing the progression of their relationship. After seeing the article, Mina took to Instagram again to respond to the post.

| kvwowv/Instagram

Hello this is Kwon Mina, who has constantly been causing controversy and constantly having accidents due to wrong judgement. I said that I would live honestly like myself, but when I came to my senses, I was just pretending to be strong and living without any notions. I was only left with evil…so I felt like I was really crazy and deleted my Instagram account altogether.

But not long after, I returned…and there is a reason for it so please take a look. I won’t get worked up. I won’t spit out any lies, including shocking bad words or remarks. First of all, the reason I am posting this online is after seeing the 128 minute Dispatch article. I sent e-mails and left my contact information to the Dispatch reporters so that I can explain my side of the story even a little bit.

I know who the managers are that are included in the transcripts and I remember everything. I don’t know who reported the transcript, but it would be FNC’s team leader or manager team, or Shin’s older sister. I would rather have the transcript be released from beginning to end with the voices being heard. I wish the conversation with manager Kim was revealed without cutting the beginning and the end…

If you only listen to her side of the story and read this post, it looks like I’ve received an apology more than a hundred times. If there was a CCTV, I would like to reveal all the screens and voices. Please just disclose everything as much as possible. Wasn’t everything recorded from the moment you came in to the moment you left my house? Shin had a close team leader and manager who accompanied her…please play the whole thing…

If it goes like this, then everything I said becomes a lie, and I’ve been living with gossip..don’t use this incident and think it’s your chance to lock me in. Even though there are parts that people acknowledge and know about, there are only those that will not open their mouths. So please give me a chance to speak for myself. Please give me the chance, including witnesses and evidence. I beg you, please contact me through DM.

I will also tell you how it ended regarding smoking indoors. I paid a fine of 300,000 KRW ($~257.43 USD) and apologized. I cleaned up afterwards and left a letter. It might seem like an excuse, but I didn’t receive a non-smoking notice. If it’s common sense not to smoke indoors, then I am really a person that does not have common sense. I thought that by checking the option for a smoking-friendly room meant that I could smoke indoors.

It turns out that the hotel was not only upgraded, but there were four hotels there, and they changed it to another hotel. I did not listen to the explanation well. It was just all my fault and I didn’t admit it even after seeing all your explanations, and just acted in my own way. I am sorry. Going forward, I won’t be thoughtless and cause damage.

I am trying to stop Instagram too…I’m trying to stop, get treatment, reflect, and live as a bright person after realizing that my actions were wrong…I’ve been thinking about it over and over after seeing this article and I am so upset…I really feel like I am going to collapse. Even if the misunderstanding is not cleared up, I just wanted to spit this out…I’m sorry.