Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Reveals She Will Clear Up All Misunderstandings Regarding Recent Allegations

She will tell-all through an upcoming live broadcast.

Recently, former AOA member Kwon Mina took to Instagram again, revealing that she would fully explain her side of the story regarding recent allegations. 

This is Kwon Mina. I will tell all the stories that are coming our right now as well as the controversy all over again from the beginning. Even though I have already talked about it several times, if I do not say it meticulously or in detail, things that I say become slightly modified, exaggerated, or even things I have not said appear. I will reveal all the unfair things and publicly apologize for all the things that I have done wrong.

— Kwon Mina

She revealed that so many other controversies have risen to the surface again after recent allegations.

But apart from this case, there are people that have caused school bullying, cervical cancer, nurse, suicide theft?, pretending to commit suicide, hypocrisy, my father’s death, and the Shin Jimin and AOA controversies to pop up again. Regardless of the other things, the Shin Jimin controversy is just really, really, unfair for me. There are other victims besides me and I will explain again how she treated me after bringing back some more of my memories. Just because a victim talks a lot doesn’t mean they become the perpetrator. 

— Kwon Mina

She also announced that she would be holding a live broadcast soon to clear up all misunderstandings.

Among the various incidents, I will sincerely admit and bow my head and tell you about it. I have nothing to apologize to Shin Jimin. I also did not receive a proper apology. My family, including myself and others, have suffered because of this person. I don’t have a YouTube channel so I will hold an Instagram Live soon and try my best to organize everything beforehand so that I don’t talk without thinking. I will also let you know in advance when I will hold my live broadcast.

— Kwon Mina

She also tells people to go ahead and sue her if they find that any of her words to be false.

If any of the things I say are false, please go ahead and sue me. I have been collecting evidence regarding posts accusing me of things that I did not say. But you know there is a difference between not doing it and not being able to do it, right? Let’s talk about what I said in more detail. I would not have opened my mouth so confidently for this incident, but because so many false facts were going around, I had to talk about the things that are false. I’m human too and after suffering 10 years from Shin Jimin, I decided not to be treated unfairly and spoke honestly about everything. There were a lot of unusual things that happened, but this will be the last time I talk about everything. It’s your choice whether or not you believe me, but if you believe that my words are false, then please sue me, really. 

— Kwon Mina

She stated that she would also admit to any mistakes she has made and publicly apologize about it.

Through this incident, there were some parts that I learned about later on and I will talk about this as well. I will admit my mistakes and will publicly apologize to the ex-girlfriend as well. I want you all to forgive me as I ask you to wait a bit. Although the messages that are coming up are cruel, I want to clear up everything in a live because there are parts that I need to admit and parts I need to clear up. 

— Kwon Mina

She revealed that she will hold a live broadcast and post her boyfriend’s statement regarding the controversy.

Or if you are more comfortable with YouTube, I will do it through that. I don’t know the difference between Instagram Live and YouTube broadcasting, so I will take in your opinions and let you know in advance before I hold a broadcast.

In addition, I will focus on this case and Yoo’s statement will also be posted. And a lot of people asked why the Shin Jimin case appeared again and this is something I want to say too. Why are you bringing this up again? I apologized to the ex-girlfriend through DM first and I asked for her understanding that I will publicly reveal what I am apologizing for.

I will be focusing on this case and talk about what I have done wrong and reflect on it. But I will only tell the truth and among the articles that are posted, I will talk about ones that are misunderstandings towards the end.

— Kwon Mina

Source: @kvwowv

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