Former AOA’s Kwon Mina Calls Out Jimin For Being Sexually Active

A fan accused Mina of causing the other members to be sexually harrassed online.

AOA’s former member Kwon Mina, recently called out former leader, Shin Jimin, for being sexually active. The exposé came when Mina had held a live broadcast on her Instagram to apologize for her cheating controversy. However, during the broadcast, she made allusions to a member that “enjoys sexual relations”.

A fan pressed her for an answer as to who it was through comments later on.

An article came up to say that (you revealed) there was a member that enjoyed sexual relations. Online communities are asking who it is and sexually harassing the members. kekeke. Aren’t you going to take responsibility for hurting the members once again due to something you created?

— Fan

| theqoo

Mina simply answered, “Ah, that’s Shin Jimin.” However, she quickly deleted the comment soon after. Her Instagram live remains on her social media page.

Mina has since apologized for her cheating controversy and declared that she has broken up with the ex-boyfriend. Previously, a female stepped up to accuse her of being the third party in their relationship as her boyfriend had allegedly cheated on her with Mina.

Source: theqoo and theqoo

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