Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Apologizes For Cheating And Reveals She Has Broken Up

She admitted to her mistakes and apologized to everyone.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

Recently, former AOA member Kwon Mina took to Instagram once again to reveal her side of the story and apologize for all her mistakes.

Yes, I listened to the opinions of those that curse at me, and wanted to talk about this incident quickly, but because you all did not want to see my face, I am writing it in a post instead. First of all, the photos for this post don’t really matter, but it shows the story about the delivery service and about me asking about his girlfriend. And also the words that Yoo (I didn’t hide his name since it has already been listed in related search) regarding him already having a bad relationship with his girlfriend, fighting often, and only continuing the relationship because of the time they spent together.

— Kwon Mina

She then revealed that at first, she didn’t think anything was wrong as she started dating Yoo after he had sorted everything out.

Then Yoo showed interest in me first and I also had a good time talking with him. The environment that we grew up in was similar too. But back then, he had a girlfriend so I told him that it was not okay. He then sorted it out completely and we both got close and started dating.

At that time, because we met after he said he sorted things out, although it wasn’t good, I didn’t not think it was cheating. Even now, instead of calling them fans, I call them unni or oppa or younger brother or sister and have close friends that I continue relationships with even now.

So even back then, I wondered why everyone was so angry when he sorted things out when we didn’t have feelings for each other. Was it really just because we didn’t admit to cheating. I know it sounds ridiculous, but this was honestly how I felt. So then, instead of writing calmly, I wrote in a cold manner and wrote as if I was arguing to the victims. 

— Kwon Mina

But after hearing the full story from Yoo, she realized that they did in fact cheat, although it was never her intention.

Recently, after seeing the ex-girlfriends’ post on Nate Pann and the messages between the two, I heard the honest story from Yoo. It was all a lie. Because of this, I was able to think about the ex-girlfriend’s position. It is true that Yoo and I cheated.

I am truly sorry to the ex-girlfriend and her acquaintances who have been hurt because of me. And thank you for having the courage to post about it as I was able to know the truth because of it. It would be a lie to say that I didn’t blame Yoo. My perpetrator’s position is clear, but because of this I have become someone that listen’s to only one side who claims they have done nothing wrong. I also really reflect on this and admit that this is my fault. 

— Kwon Mina

She also cleared up the misunderstanding regarding the father’s text message.

In the father’s text message, there were no words like whore used. I didn’t say I heard it from the father, I just wrote things that I heard and revealed that I received a death threat from the father. The reason for this is because ‘you guys’ was written which made it look like a story that included me.

You would have to go to right before death or even to death for people’s fears to reach their peak and pee their pants. Maybe injury or rape may make you pee your pants but being hit by dozens of people doesn’t make you pee. So at that time I was really afraid and though this was going overboard. But after finding out the truth, what parent would like it if a girl out of nowhere takes their precious daughter’s boyfriend in a matter of days. I truly understand and I apologize for this. 

— Kwon Mina


The gangster-related stories came up while talking about the victims’ stories and is not something that I talked about publicly so I am mentioning it to avoid misunderstanding from the photo. I was told clearly from the victim that he wasn’t that kind of person and that he had nothing to do with gangster-related things. I was explaining that I was afraid about the contents of the text, and after hearing about if from Yoo, I dared to ask about it. I sincerely apologize for this. I am clearly a perpetrator in the case of Yoo and his ex-girlfriend and acted foolishly after making a late judgement about it.

— Kwon Mina

She then revealed that she had broken up with Yoo and apologized to the ex-girlfriend and to those that she disappointed through this incident.

Of course I would like to admit my mistake and bow my head and apologize to the victim who is the ex-girlfriend. And I have currently parted ways with Yoo. After today, I will only receive support from anyone but will not reply. I will also cut off all contact with the fans that I have been in contact with. I feel guilty for being so free-spirited and doing whatever I please. I am sorry for disappointing so many people. 

— Kwon Mina

She also pleaded to stop mentioning Shin Jimin in an incident that had nothing to do with her.

As for the mention about Shin Jimin, I want to ask something. This statement is all over the place…but this doesn’t have anything to do with this incident so I do not want to mention it either. So please don’t try to make me a perpetrator with false facts. In the case of Shin Jimin, I am a huge victim. 

— Kwon Mina

She ended with another heartfelt apology and admitted to all her mistakes.

I apologize once again to all the victims for making a huge mess with this incident. I will take responsibility for my words and actions and make sure that nothing like this happens again and that there are no more victims. I’m not good at writing and I want to fix my spelling but I didn’t learn much so although embarrassed, I hope you can understand. I used my womanly wiles and I admit everything..I am truly sorry.

— Kwon Mina

Source: @kvwowv