Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Fires Back At Accusations That She’s Just Playing The Victim

“You think I’m just making a perpetrator out of everybody because I feel like a victim?” — Mina

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Earlier today, former AOA member, Kwon Mina began sharing lengthy posts claiming that she tried to take her own life again and revealed the reason why she unfollowed the other members of the group.

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But this time, Mina shared another post firing back at those accusing her of playing the victim and making a perpetrator out of everyone around her.

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She also shared further details of her hardships and stressed that she’s having a very difficult time.

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The full translation of the post reads as follows:

You think I’m just making a perpertrator out of everybody because I feel like a victim? No, I’ve only been telling the truth, and I never called them the perpetrators. I just said they were bystanders. It’s true. And I’m sure I’m partly at fault for they did that. I probably have personality issues, too. But you can’t just suck me dry for 11 years, make me into a mental patient, and then not give me a sincere apology… Am I being too selfish? Am I expecting too much? Am I only thinking about myself because I’m having a hard time? But I really want a sincere apology. What did my family do to deserve this? They’re scared, they’re crying, and they said they want to stop coming to the ER. But it was also my family who didn’t say anything to that place or the opposing parties. I tried to talk to those people today, but none of them will answer me, and I’m scared. I was so scared of what I might do to myself that I never told my family or friends for 11 years. So I ended up telling the world when I wasn’t in my right mind, which ended up backfiring with people claiming it’s my fault. But I’m having a really difficult time… Like really.

— Kwon Mina

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나 피해자로 느껴지니까 모두 가해자로 만들어버리냐고? 아니 난 사실만 말했고 가해자라고 말한적 없고 방관자라고 했어 사실이잖아 방관한거는 나도 잘 못 분명 있겠지 많겠지 내 성격에도 문젝가 있을거야 하지만 멀쩡한 애 11년간 피 말려가면서 정신병이란 정신병은 다 들게 만들어놓고 그 누구도 진심어린 사과 한마디 없는건 너무 한거 아닐까..? 내가 너무 이기적인걸까 너무 큰걸 바라는걸까 내가 힘들다고 너무 나만 생각하는걸까 근데 나 정말 진심어린 사과 받고싶어 우리 가족은 무슨 죄야 무섭고 울고 응급실 그만 오고 싶대 그래도 그 곳이나 그 상대방한데 말 한마디 하지 않은 가족들이야 난 오늘 그 곳 사람들과 대화라도 나눠보려고 했으나 전부 연락두절이고 나도 무서워 나를 어떻게 더 망가뜨릴지 무섭고 내가 내 자신을 어떻게 할지도 무서워 11년동안 가족, 친구에게도 말 못했던거 이제는 제 정신이 아닌상태로 세상에 말했더니 돌아오는 건 결국 또 내 탓이 되버렸네 미안해요 근데 나 정말 정말 힘들었어요..힘들어요 아주 많이

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