Former ILUV’s Shin Minah Continues To Expose Other Members For Physical Assault

“They put a blanket over me and pressed down hard”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault and violence that may disturb some readers.

Former ILUV member, Shin Minah, has been speaking up about her grievances being bullied by her former members. As some of the members will be re-debuting in a new group, BOTOPASS, Minah had chosen to speak out on the issues she had been facing.

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Following an article released by her agency that put out alleged message screenshots to show the good relationship between the Minah and the members, Minah has since refuted the claims on her personal Instagram account. She has claimed that she was forced to respond to messages as such in order to reduce the bullying on herself. On the 23rd of July, Minah also held an interview with XSports News to share her side of the story.

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Minah is currently resting in a university hospital for her mental health treatments. WKS ENE Entertainment had previously refuted Minah’s claims on sexual harassment from the other members, saying it was Minah who had touched the members’ private parts in a joking manner. Minah explained to XSports News that the members touched her first but she could not get angry as she knew that they would act even worse to her, so she got out of the situation by pretending it was a joke to her as well.

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One of the members, Member A, according to Minah, was a bully in her school as well, and specifically called Minah in to her room to hit her and blow cigarette smoke in her face to torture her. Minah was pushed so severely by the member that her wrist got injured but the company prevented her from visiting the hospital and she had to get by with a medicinal patch instead. As the interview goes, Member A evidently also got jealous that Minah had more parts than her in a song and had even cursed out the song writer that assigned the lines.

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Minah also revealed that the same member lied to the company about her grandfather being ill and went on a holiday with her boyfriend instead. On the message screenshots, Minah further explained to the reporter that there was a member who checked her phone on the regular, so she was forced to reply politely.

According to Minah, once while she was sick and sent to the ER, when she got back, the members covered her in a blanket and pressed down hard on her body, such that her body got worse and she had to be sent back to the hospital.

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With regards to ILUV’s maknae Gahyun‘s posts about her text message exchanges with Minah, Gahyun was the only member that even deigned to reply Minah, and so she would routinely check with Gahyun if the other members were at the company before she went over. Minah stressed that the two weren’t close. The interview ended with Minah claiming all she said are not lies and she is confident as she plans on proceeding with a lawsuit.

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While the facts have yet to be revealed as to which side is lying, many fans are on the side of Shin Minah, especially given the influx of the exposure of bullying in the industry. Many have left positive comments on her personal Instagram to encourage her in these rough times.

Shin Minah vs. ILUV's Bullying Allegations