Agency Reveals Chats Between Shin Minah And ILUV Members That Conflicts The Bullying Controversy

The chats tell a completely different story.

As Shin Minah‘s bullying allegations against her former members of ILUV continue to grow, the agency decided to release chats between Minah and the members to assert their stance that Minah is lying.

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The chats released to SBS showed individual chats between Shin Minah and two other members where they appeared to share a good relationship with each other.

In a chat with Member A, Minah expressed her love for the member and the other member reciprocated back.

Translated by Koreaboo. | SBS Entertainment/YouTube

In a later chat, Member A appeared to be congratulating Minah and Minah seemed sincerely grateful.

Translated by Koreaboo. | SBS Entertainment/YouTube

In another chat with a second member, Minah and she appeared to be discussing her temporary hiatus. They both expressed how much they missed each other, and Minah revealed that she was returning back to the dorms soon.

Translated by Koreaboo. | SBS Entertainment/YouTube

ILUV’s agency once again reiterated that Minah is lying about the bullying controversy. They claim the rest of the members were interviewed and they had all gotten along well with Minah.

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We listened to the stories of the remaining 6 members, and from what we can confirm, there was no bullying at all. They told each other they loved each other daily. They got along well.

Our agency checked on it, and we want to say that everything has been false rumors.

— WKS ENE Entertainment

However, Minah has been actively fighting against the agency’s claims. Her lawyer also spoke up to defend Minah. Her lawyer claimed that the evidence that Minah has certainly proves that she had been bullied since she was a trainee.

I looked over the evidence that Shin Minah has, and I believed that it was substantial enough for the courts to also agree it was bullying. Therefore, I believe that the agency is not being truthful.

I believe it’s true that she’s been bullied since she was a trainee.

— Shin Minah’s Lawyer

Minah is currently receiving treatment for the psychological damage she received from the bullying. But as the agency continues to conflict her statements, she has taken on a lawyer to help defend her story.

ILUV’s agency is currently preparing to debut a new girl group, called BOTOPASS, that will contain many of the former members of ILUV.

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Shin Minah vs. ILUV's Bullying Allegations