FNC Entertainment Announces AOA Jimin’s Withdrawal From The Team And The Industry

She is no longer part of AOA.

FNC Entertainment has just announced that Jimin has “decided to quit” AOA and retire from the industry — following former member Mina‘s revelation of her wrongdoings.

AOA’s Jimin

FNC Entertainment made their announcement to the public hours after Jimin posted her public apology to Mina.

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

First of all, we’d like to apologize for our managing artist Jimin and the controversy involving her.

Jimin has decided to quit AOA and retire from the entertainment industry altogether.

We, as the agency, feel responsible for the situation. We will work harder to provide better management for our artists. Again, we apologize for making the fans worry.

— FNC Entertainment

On July 3, Mina first uploaded a series of posts, revealing an AOA member bullied her to the point of extreme thoughts. Jimin responded to such allegations, but then Mina continued to share posts detailing what happened to her. She even revealed how her agency at the time, FNC Entertainment, did not take any corrective action. Early on the morning of July 4, she posted her final update on the situation, revealing Jimin apologized to her.

Source: IS Plus

Former AOA's Mina vs. Jimin's Bullying Allegations