5 Co-Ed Groups Every K-Pop Fan Should Know Of

And it’s not just KARD!

Mixed-gender groups in K-Pop are a rarity. K.A.R.D is most definitely the first name that comes to mind as a group that has shown how far a coed group can go, breaking through the general all-girl or all-boy group structure prevailing in the industry. But many K-Pop fans might not know that K.A.R.D is not the only coed group that existed in the industry,

Here are five other amazing mixed-gender K-Pop groups you need to check out:


| Star Empire Entertainment

This project group under Star Empire Entertainment consisted of three members- ZE:A‘s Kevin Kim and Nine Muses members Kyungri and Sojin. The group was active in 2014 and released a single called “Knock” which gained quite a lot of attention for its sexy music video.

2: Coed School:

This 10-member group was created by Core Contents Media in 2010. There were four female members: SoomiHyoyoung, Hyewon, and Chanmi. The six other male members included  TaewoonSungminJungwoo, Kwanghaeng, Kangho, and Noori. The group eventually got divided into two subunits: the all-female F-ve Dolls and the all-male SPEED. When Coed School debuted, they released three singles back to back- “Too Late,” “Bbiribbom Bberibbom,” and “I Love You A Thousand Times.” Though their debut EP Something That Is Cheerful and Fresh was limited to 20,000, the pre-orders went up to 50,000, which made the label increase production.

3. Younique

| SM Entertainment

It was a special unit group formed by SM Entertainment in collaboration with Hyundai in 2012. The five-member group consisted of members from different groups under SM- Eunhyuk from Super Junior, Henry from Super Junior-M, Hyoyeon from SNSD, and Luhan and Kai from EXO. They released a promotional single called “MAXSTEP” in 2012 and subsequently disbanded.


This group under GRACE COMPANY Entertainment was one of the most recent coed K-Pop groups, having debuted in 2020. Currently, there are four members in CHECKMATE- SieunSuriYongseok, and Noah. They debuted with a single, “DRUM” in September 2020, followed by another single “You” in February 2021. But in December 2021, the group disbanded.


This seven-member group is the newest addition to the list of coed K-Pop groups. Comprised of members J-Hoon, Gunmin, Heedo, Jinseok, Yurim, Yuji, and Haeun, Triple Seven debuted in August 2021 with the single “PRESENTE.”