5 Companies That Ended Up Ruining Their Groups

Fans called out these companies for ruining their bias groups.

For every company that fully supports their idols and allows them to grow, there are other companies whose actions actively damage the success of their acts. These 5 companies were the offenders that netizens were the most vocal about.

1. MBK Entertainment

MBK Entertainment has always had a shady history. Their well-documented treatment of Turbo which included beatings and starvation and their legal battles with T-ARA turned many fans against them. Fans of DIA are currently upset with MBK’s treatment of the group. They feel their comebacks are very sporadic and the departure of Eunjin, and more recently Jenny from the group gives fans a sour taste in their mouths. DIA hasn’t released any new music since March 2019.

2. TS Entertainment

BAP competed with EXO at debut in terms of popularity but repeated struggles with their company TS Entertainment has pushed the group to the edge of full disbandment. BAP was on very poor contracts that didn’t even guarantee them minimum wage despite the success of the group. All of the members have now left the company due to the poor treatment the company gave them.

3. Pledis Entertainment

Pledis really attracted the ire of netizens for the constant mismanagement of their groups. Fans are very upset about how PRISTIN is being treated, they were arguably the hottest group coming out of the post-I.O.I phase of girl groups. They won female rookies of the year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017 but a comeback of the entire group has not been seen since “We Like” which was released in August 2017 and their subunit PRISTIN V hasn’t been seen since their only single, “Get it”, came out in mid-2018.

Pledis Entertainment suddenly disbanded PRISTIN in May 2019, and nearly all of the members left the company at that time.

NU’EST went through a very similar phase to PRISTIN before their appearance on Produce 101 restarted their careers. Thankfully, it looks like the group is back on track. Their decision to inexplicably add Kaeun to After School despite no plans for the group to make a comeback was brought to light during Kaeun’s appearance on Produce 48. Speaking of After School, Pledis haven’t confirmed their disbandment despite the group not having a comeback in years and only Nana remaining in the company.

4. YG Entertainment

YG are certainly the most successful agency to be constantly called out for mismanagement by fans. The small size of BLACKPINK’s discography and their cruel treatment of CL and 2NE1 are the biggest cause of concern for fans. Their constant cycle of announcements that never get fulfilled has drawn the ire of many. Many Blackjacks also didn’t want 2NE1 to disband and still expect a reunion after what happened to 2NE1. Only Sandara Park remains signed under YG Entertainment, with CL most recently leaving in November 2019.

5. Chrome Entertainment

Chrome Entertainment was the agency behind Crayon Pop. Crayon Pop is a classic example of a one-hit wonder with their song “Bar Bar Bar”. The song was so popular, however, that it earned the label a partnership deal with Sony and it earned comparisons to “Gangnam Style” by PSY because of how viral it went. Instead of capitalizing on the success of the song with a new release, the label decided to remix “Bar Bar Bar” and re-release it. Fans of the group got fed up with the constant milking of the same song and Crayon Pop eventually faded away.