T-ARA May Never Be Allowed To Call Themselves “T-ARA” Ever Again

MBK filed a copyright for their name. Dejavu anyone?

The quartet that we’ve always known to be T-ARA may not be called by that name anymore.

T-ARA’s former agency, MBK Entertainment has filed multiple copyrights to the name “T-ARA” as a trademark for their merchandise, performances, music, prints and more for the next 10 years.

They’ve filed for a copyright for nearly every aspect of the entertainment agency, making it virtually impossible for Eunjung, Hyomin, Qri, and Jiyeon to promote under the name T-ARA again.

Translation of MBK’s copyright applications.

Even if they re-debut under a new group name, the T-ARA members will have to pay royalty fees to MBK Entertainment should they wish to perform any of their old T-ARA songs.


Accelerated application for MBK’s copyright claims. Source: @oniontaker

The copyrights follow just a few days after Hyomin announced that the group has parted ways with MBK Entertainment after their contracts expired. She wrote on her Instagram that the group will go on despite the parting of ways and asked their fans to keep supporting their activities.

MBK made a statement regarding their decision to file the copyright claims to the brand “T-ARA”.

“From the company’s perspective, they would want to keep the ‘T-ARA’ brand, and it’s completely reasonable for them to file a claim of copyright.”

— MBK Entertainment

T-ARA hosting their last showcase with MBK Entertainment.

T-ARA’s situation is very similar to what Highlight had gone through when CUBE Entertainment filed for a trademark on “B2ST/BEAST”, the group name that they’ve promoted with for over a decade.

Although nothing is for certain regarding T-ARA’s future, reports claim that MBK will most likely win their claims to the name “T-ARA”.

Source: Sports Chosun and Sports Daily