Beware: Here Are 5 Most Cringe Scenes From The Corniest Of All SBS K-Dramas

Ooooh boy… (Shrivels)

Alright, let’s admit it — we’ve all had this happen to us. While binging that K-Drama, there comes a time when you’re making funny faces at the screen — because no matter how impeccable the acting, that one scene is so beyond corny and cringe. But then again, we also know, what is K-Drama without a bit of cheesy and maybe even some weird? That might even be the very reason we’re hooked on these series. Yes, it makes us shiver in secondhand embarrassment. But it gives us a good laugh too. Here are 5 most cringe scenes from the corniest of all SBS K-Dramas!

1. Lovers In Paris (2004)

Here is actor Park Shin Yang, in Lovers In Paris, storming in to rescue actress Kim Jung Eun from a small accident that happened in a restaurant. When the man keeps referring to his girlfriend as “baby”, Park Shin Yang becomes inspired to top that level of cheesiness. All the time in the world can pass — but we won’t ever get over how Park Shin Yang yells, “Let’s go aegiya“… twice.

2.You’re Beautiful (2009)

Here is CNBLUE‘s Jung Yong Hwa trying to be a knight in shining armor for actress Park Shin Hye in You’re Beautiful. When the scene aired, we fell so deep in love with his gentle-and-caring character… that we may have overlooked the fact that the towel came in a good 10 seconds late — after Park Shin Hye has more than enough time to get a good look at F.T. Island Lee Hong Ki‘s nakedness.

3. To The Beautiful You (2012)

Here is actor Lee Hyun Woo and his best attempt at aegyo to convince the kitchen staff to make him some miyeok-gook (미역국, seawood soup) in 2012’s To The Beautiful You. This shockingly corny scene has stunned the internet so intensely… that when one types in Lee Hyun Woo in the YouTube search bar, one of the auto completes casually suggests miyeok-gook. A classic case of “If we had to sit through it, so must you” this is.

4. The Heirs (2013)

Here is actor Lee Min Ho‘s iconic scene and line from The Heirs that tripled the viewers’ dating standards. Back then, we all nodded yes in crazy enthusiasm when he asks actress Park Shin Hye, “Am I falling for you?” But… in retrospect, that question does seem a bit funky. Like, erm… we don’t know. Are you?

5. The Last Empress (2018)

And finally, here is possibly the most intense sword fight scene in the history of all K-Dramas. Actors Shin Sung Rok and Choi Jin Hyuk start off this scene in The Last Empress, looking masculine and charismatic AF. And then… BAM! The animation hits and shocks the living soul out of the viewers who did not expect such a sudden switch in genres. We may never fully understand the artistic intention here… but boy, was this confusing to watch.

Source: YouTube