5 Details In BTS’s “Black Swan” Choreography That Show Jimin’s Dancer Gene

What a beautiful swan.

On January 29, 2020, BTS graced James Corden‘s The Late Late Show and performed their new song, “Black Swan” on stage for the first time! As usual, the members swept viewers off their feet with their impeccable performance and breathtaking visuals. And Jimin, who excels in his ability to interpret a choreography and own it, made sure his very first “Black Swan” is as elegant as possible! Here are 5 details from the Late Late Show performance that show Jimin’s dancer genes.


1. The Wrist

Not a single movement goes unplanned in Jimin’s dance. This series of micro-movements in his wrist at the beginning of the song boasts how detail-oriented Jimin is. And thanks to these small-but-significant movements, this moment becomes more fluid and graceful.


2. The Pivot

Jimin’s past as one of the most prominent dancers at his high school shows in the details like this one. Not only does that pivot show incredibly honed strength, it also improves the aesthetic by creating clean lines that define the moment.


3. The Heart

The way Jimin can separate his chest from the rest of his body — and bounce it to the beat like it’s actually going “bump, bump, bump” like the lyrics say — has mesmerized the viewers.


4. The Skate

One of the most powerful moments in the choreography is when Jimin shoots out from the back through center. He skates forward in swift, powerful sprints — and with that level of control and speed of his movements, viewers might not even notice that he is barefoot.


5. The Wings

Finally, in his brief solo, Jimin embodies the black swan as he uses his arms like wings trying to fly. He spreads his arms, like a swan would as it tries to take off. And the slight delay in how he pulls his arms upward contributes to the imagery of one majestic flight in the making.


Watch the full performance here:

Source: THEQOO