5 Most Difficult K-Pop Female Idol Names To Search Online, According To Korean Fans

“I can’t ever look her up without losing my mind…”

Google — and all other search engines and social media platforms —  can be, 90% of the time, very helpful in a K-Pop fan’s stan-hood. It is as easy as putting in the group name and the member name and boom! A new world of content on top of content cracks open. For some, however, the search ends up being a little more complicated. That would be the remaining 10% of the time. Here are 5 most difficult K-Pop girl group idol names to search online, according to fans who have been there, done that — and failed miserably!

1. Red Velvet’s Joy


Looking up Red Velvet‘s Joy as 조이 in Korean is actually not going to spark any joy because that beautiful K-Pop idol is the last thing the internet will want to show you. Instead, you’ll probably end up with unrefined results that include the letters 조 and 이 — which is, unfortunately, a countless pages worth.

2. GFRIEND’s Sowon

GFRIEND as a group is almost impossible to look up on line because 여자친구 (yeojachingu) is “girlfriend” and that search would yield some wild, wild results. And for Sowon, whose name in Korean “소원” actually means a wish, it is guaranteed the internet is going to think you’re looking up your girlfriend’s birthday wishes.

3. ITZY’s Lia

ITZY‘s Lia also comes fully equipped with a tricky group and a stage name. Looking up 리아 (Lia) will trigger all the words that have the sound “lia” in them — starting with a popular Korean fast food franchise Lotteria, reaching as far as Ariana Grande.

4. Girls’ Generation’s Yuri

If you’re going to search for Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri, you must fully brace yourself — because that search engine is about to hit you with an endless list of all the glass suppliers in your area. Yuri, 유리 in Korean, means glass and the internet will simply assume you’re looking to fix up your windows or order some mirrors.

5. Apink’s Namjoo

Looking up Apink‘s Namjoo as 남주 will actually string along a bunch of other K-Celebrities, including but not limited to actress Kim Nam Joo, actor Nam Joo Hyuk, and sometimes even BTS‘s RM as Namjoo-nie.

Source: THEQOO