5 Most Difficult K-Pop Male Idol Names To Search Online, According To Korean Fans

Good luck scrolling through those results…!

Google — and all other search engines and social media platforms —  can be, 90% of the time, very helpful in a K-Pop fan’s search for UWU-worthy material. It is as easy as putting in the group’s name and the member’s name and boom! A new world of juicy content on top of content cracks open. For some, however, the search ends up being a little more complicated. That would be the remaining 10% of the time. Here are the top 5 most difficult K-Pop boy group idol names to search online, according to fans who have been there, searched that — and failed miserably!

1. BTS’s Jin

When searing in Korean, BTS‘s Jin as “진” (jin) pulls up all kinds of Jins — including the game League of Legends’ Jhin, all brands of denim jeans, the alcoholic beverage gin, and, most predominantly, the plethora of all Korean adjectives that end in -진. While his worldwide handsomeness should indeed set him apart from all these other 진s… Unfortunately, to the wild wild web, it is Jin-Jean-Gin all the same.

2. SHINee’s Key

SHINee‘s Key as “키” (ki) will enlighten the K-Pop fan with a variety of search results including, but not limited to: door keys, keys on the piano, keys on the keyboard, ki as in height — which, in turn, leads to all kinds of celebrities’ heights, and more!


When searching INFINITE‘s L in Korean as “엘” (L), the pure abundance of results will inevitably leave a fan devastated. In English, the alphabet pull up anything and everything that includes the letter “L”. And in Korean? The sound “엘” (el) will include elevators, El Salvador, EXO-Ls, El Clásico, and countless more!

4. VIXX’s N

VIXX‘s N is almost impossible to look up as “엔” (N), both in Korean and in English! Seeing from that it overlaps with the alphabet N and the Japanese yen which has the same pronunciation as N in Korean, this search can be quite problematic. “엔” which can also be short for “-에는” is a postpositional particle in the Korean language. Thus, searching “엔” will pull up pretty much everything!

5. Super Junior’s Donghae

When searing in Korean, Super Junior‘s Donghae as “동해” will most likely give the fans a thorough vacation planning session out of the blue! As his name “동해” also means the East Sea, the results will surely provide some of the most breathtaking sceneries from the ocean — and places to see, places to eat, places to sleep, and things to do in the beautiful Donghae.

Source: THEQOO