5 Most Emotional Moments That Can Make Even The Toughest BTS Fan Cry

Prepare your tissues ARMY!

While the BTS members are currently enjoying incredible success, their journey getting to this point wasn’t an easy one.

Throughout their careers, there have been many heartbreaking moments that had ARMYs in tears. Here are a few of these moments.

1. BTS’s speech during the 2018 MAMA

When BTS won “Artist of the Year” at the 2018 MAMA, they gave an acceptance speech that had many in tears.

The biggest surprise during the speech was when Jin revealed that BTS came close to disbanding due to the amount of stress they were under.

We had a hard time mentally during the beginning of this year. While talking with each other, we even thought about disbanding.

— Jin

This not only had ARMYs in tears, but the members also got emotional once Jin mentioned this, especially V.

Thankfully, the members were able to gather their hearts and continue as a group.

I’m thankful towards my members who decided to continue… I want to thank my members who always love me and to say thank you to ARMY for always loving us. Thank you.

— Jin

Here’s the full speech below!

2. Suga bowing to his parents

Growing up, Suga’s parents were against his dreams of becoming an artist, as they didn’t think it was a realistic career choice. However, this didn’t stop Suga, as he constantly worked hard to make his dreams a reality, and this ended up working out. When Suga’s parents went to a BTS concert, Suga decided to bow to them.

He was then seen crying while he was bowed to the floor, as his parents had finally accepted his career decision.

Here’s the full video below!

3. RM’s speech during the final Speak Yourself concert

During BTS’s final concert for their Speak Yourself tour, all the members were emotional when giving their final messages. However, RM’s speech might have been the most heartbreaking moment during the concert, as he gave an emotional speech to ARMYs.

Though Love Yourself: Speak Yourself ends here, the journey, the path, to finding how to love ourselves doesn’t.

In the future too, let’s hold hands and figure out how to love ourselves together. All right?

— RM

Here’s the full speech below!

4. V’s bullying story

During a live broadcast, V shared that he had been bullied in the past by one of his “friends”. He revealed that his friend once invited him to his birthday party, but purposefully gave him the wrong address.

I didn’t know where to go, so I waited outside for three hours with the gift certificate while trying to figure out where I should go. I went there and gave him the present and I said, ‘It’s time for me to go home now, so I’m going to leave.’ and left. I remember crying so hard as I walked home.”

— V

This “friend” ended up giving V the wrong address since he was jealous of him. Despite getting hurt, V decided to forgive this person after he apologized to him.

It was actually revealed later that he was extremely jealous of me. After some time had passed, he confessed that he was jealous, because I got along so well with our friends. Honestly, it was something that happened in elementary school, and we were still young. He sincerely apologized to me around two years later. We had been awkward for a while because of that incident, but because he apologized sincerely to me, I thanked him.

— V

Here’s the full video below!

5. J-Hope’s surprise birthday message from his family

J-Hope once got a surprise birthday message from his family members, and as soon as he saw his father, he couldn’t contain his tears.

Not only was J-Hope emotional, but the other BTS members got emotional as well, seeing J-Hope tearing up.

Here’s the full video below!