5 Female Idols Who Are Actually Much Taller Than You Think

These celebrities seem smaller than they really are.

You know the old saying TV adds 10 pounds? Well, it turns out it can also make people appear shorter than they really are. The below female idols and actresses are actually much taller than people think, thanks to their choice of acting roles, variety shows, movies and even the actors and people around them!

1. Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo is most well-known for her long-time appearance on Running Man and it’s thanks to this show that her image is a bit of a tomboy one.

She is always in the thick of it with her male co-stars, and is able to hold her own against the men in competitions.

But being surrounded by mostly tall men has made her appear much shorter than she really is – 168 cm tall. She often gets comments from people saying they were surprised that she was taller than they thought.


2. Kim Go Eun

Actress Kim Go Eun is well-known for having a baby face. At 28 years old, she is often cast as a high schooler – her most recent and well-known character, Goblin‘s Ji Eun Tak, was 19 years old at the beginning of the drama.

But although her small face and slight build makes her perfect for young girl roles, her height tells a different story – she’s actually 167 cm tall.


3. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

The same goes for Hyeri, who is master of the cute image while on stage and played tomboy high schooler Duk Sun in Reply 1988.

At first glance, she gives the impression she is quite small, but like Kim Go Eun she is 168 cm tall.


4. Jo Yoon Hee

Actress Jo Yoon Hee is well-loved in Korea for her feminine and elegant image, usually owning the perfect image of a young girl.

But few people know Jo Yoon Hee’s real height is 170 cm tall. Often pictured beside her husband, Lee Dong Gun, who is 185 cm, she looks small. Add to that her feminine, petite image, and people are usually surprised by her height.


5. Shin Hye Sun

Actress Shin Hye Sun has a contagious smile and a super small and cute face, making her seem adorably tiny.

Her first role was on School 2013 where she played a high schooler. Her cute bob cut made her seem super young.

But she’s actually 171 cm tall and 28 years old!

Her co-stars have mostly been taller than her too, making her seem small, but she admitted in an interview that one of the favorite things about herself is her height.

Source: Dispatch
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