5 Female K-Pop Idols Who Decided To Start Their Own Entertainment Companies While Pursuing Individual Careers

Women who can do it all!

Being an idol means you have to be good at multiple things. Singing, dancing, and stage presence are just basic skills. But after training for years to become an idol, most artists face financial anxiety since a lot of their earnings go straight towards paying off trainee debt. So, having a good sense of business is also imperative to becoming a financially successful K-Pop idol.

Here are 5 women who seem to have got it all down. While handling their active careers as idols, they have also become successful business owners.

1. Hyolyn

| @xhyolynx/Instagram

After her group, SISTAR disbanded in 2017, Hyolyn started her own entertainment company, Brid3 Entertainment. While maintaining her career as a fiery vocalist and performer, Hyolyn also leads the organization as a CEO. Apart from representing Hyolyn, Brid3 has also undertaken projects such as “RAMIRANI” and “Summer of Summer.”

2. CL

| @chaelincl/Instagram

A former 2NE1 member, CL is popularly known as a “triple threat” in the K-Pop industry for her amazing dancing, singing, and rapping skills. In 2020, she started her own agency, Very Cherry. The idea behind this company is to create a core team of professionals who are cherry-picked by CL, for CL.

3. Minzy

| @_minzy_mz/Instagram

After 2NE1 went on an abrupt hiatus in 2015, Minzy started her multi-entertainment company, MZ Entertainment in 2020. The company recruits artists who are trained by Minzy herself. She is also the general producer of the label. Her goal with this venture is to nurture the next generation of artists in line.

4. Yubin

| @iluvyub/Instagram

Yubin was a member of the now disbanded girl group Wonder Girl. Following her departure from JYP Entertainment, Yubin founded her own company, rrr Entertainment, in 2020. The “rrr” stands for “real recognize real.” Her company represents Hyerim, Yubin’s fellow ex-Wonder Girl member, and athlete Shin Min Chul.

5. Kim Sohye

| @s_sohye/Instagram

Sohye debuted in I.O.I, a temporary girl group formed through the reality TV show Produce 101. After the group disbanded in 2017, this 22-year-old started her own company, S & P Entertainment (Shark & Penguin Entertainment). It is a management label that represents Sohye, now an active actress and singer.

With more such women-led entertainment labels, will the K-Pop industry see positive changes in its treatment of women? Only time will tell.