These 5 Female Stars Would Rather Date A Younger Guy, If Given A Choice

“The younger guys these days are really attractive.”

While dating an older guy has always been romanticized in Korean dramas and movies, these 5 female stars want the opposite of that. Let’s take a look at 5 female stars who once admitted that they prefer dating younger guys.

1. Actress Park Bo Young

First up we have the ever adorable actress, Park Bo Young. The Abyss actress, who has the nickname “Nation’s First Love” admitted her dating preferences back in 2015. While playing a balance game for the show’s broadcast, the actress confessed that she likes younger guys. She followed up by saying, “to all the younger guys who are watching this right now, I like you better than older guys.” Her statement excited all the younger guys of the nation during this time, getting all their hopes up.

2. Nayeon (TWICE)

Next up we have TWICE member Nayeon. In 2018, the girl group member featured as a guest on Sudden Attack Fanmeeting with her fellow members and it was here that she revealed her preference. When a fan asked Nayeon, “noona, do you like older guys or younger guys?” she answered, “since a younger guy who calls me noona asked me the question, I will say younger guys.” She elaborated further by just confessing that she indeed likes younger guys. “I just like younger guys.”

3. Actress Han Ye Seul

Actress Han Ye Seul makes it onto our list at number 3. The gorgeous actress revealed back in 2013 her dating preferences when it comes to men. On SBS‘s Night of TV Entertainment, the Penny Pinchers actress was asked how she felt about dating younger men. To that question, she responded with, “the younger guys these days are really attractive.” The actress may be 41-years-old, but her youthful looks could fool any man in their 20’s. This may be the reason why the chemistry between her and her young actor co-stars are always spot on.

4. Hyojung (OH MY GIRL)

We have OH MY GIRL‘s Hyojung next up on our list. The adorable girl group member once shared how she felt about dating guys that are younger than her. In 2016 on SBS Power FM‘s Choi Hwa Jung Power Time, the OH MY GIRL member shared that she likes younger guys. “I think they’d be super cute.” She continued even further by sharing the age difference she would consider. “I think I could date a guy who is 3 years younger.”

5. Actress Ha Ji Won

Last up on our list is the ever beautiful actress, Ha Ji Won. The Chocolate actress is always chosen as an ideal type by many Korean men, proving her never-ending gorgeous looks. In 2018 on Access Showbiz Tonight, the 44-year-old actress was given the choice between dating older, younger or same aged guys. To this question, she shared, “I’m the most comfortable with younger guys.” She further elaborated her choice by saying, “I want someone who can make me laugh, someone who is healthy, and someone who can cook delicious food.”

Source: Insight
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