5 Foods Idols Aren’t Allowed To Eat Because They’re Banned By Agencies

Sometimes the idols sneak foods, other times they just go without.

Agencies are notorious for micromanaging their idols’ images. From hair color to weight, there are few things idols can control unless their agency is very chill or they’re wildly successful. (Because what agency in their right mind is going to tell their moneymaker not to do the thing?)

Major props to idols who have the willpower to give up their favorite food or the savvy to know when to sneak it!

1. Bread

Source: ABIZ ENT BUZZ/YouTube

2. Noodles

Source: ABIZ ENT BUZZ/YouTube

3. Rice (and rice products)

Source: ABIZ ENT BUZZ/YouTube

4. Jokbal (pig foot)

Source: ABIZ ENT BUZZ/YouTube

5. Burgers

Source: ABIZ ENT BUZZ/YouTube

The idea of giving up certain foods definitely isn’t appealing, so we have a lot of respect for idols who do what they have to do for their careers, even though fans love them just as they are.

Do you think you could give up these foods for any amount of time? It’s pretty difficult to imagine, isn’t it?

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