5 Funny Facts Newer Fans May Not Know About TXT

Taehyun doesn’t look like a Terry to me.

TXT has gained a lot of popularity since their debut, most recently getting three different releases on the Billboard 200 in 2021 and winning the Album Bonsang Award at the 2022 Golden Disc Awards. Though they have had a lot of professional success, they are also known for their goofy personalities.

Here are some funny facts about TXT that newer fans might not know about them:

1. Soobin’s Fear of Water

TXT’s Soobin | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

In a video from June 2020, the members revealed that Soobin has a fear of water, something that the rest of the group pokes fun at him for. Yeonjun recalls a time when they went to a water park as trainees and how terrified Soobin was.

TXT’s Yeonjun | The-K-Pop/YouTube

Soobin stated that this was the first time he ever got mad at the other members of the group. He said they were trying to push him in even though he couldn’t swim.

TXT | The-K-Pop/YouTube

He did attempt to face his fears once before during the filming of “Run Away” back in 2019, but judging by this video, it seems his fear is still alive and well.

Check out the full video here:

2. Each Member Has Their Own English Name

In a live broadcast from May of 2021, TXT revealed their English names, some of which ended up being pretty funny!

Yeonjun’s English name is Daniel, a name he used when he lived in the US for two years when he was nine years old.

Hueningkai‘s English name is Kai, which is not too different from his original name.

Soobin’s English name is Steve, to which all the members laughed at. The name Steve originated from an English teacher at a private language institute that Soobin attended.

Taehyun‘s English name is Terry.

Beomgyu‘s name is Ben, which the rest of the group lovingly made fun of, calling him “Bam” instead.

3. Soobin’s Obsession With Bread

In an episode of One Dream.TXT, Soobin revealed that he is obsessed with bread.

He stated that his obsession started because of Hueningkai, as he would always have bread and sweets on him when they were trainees and Soobin would help him eat them.

Now Soobin is known for his love of all things bread (and who can really blame him?).

Check out the episode here:

4. Beomgyu Has A Pet Parrot Named Toto

TXT’s Beomgyu with his pet parrot Toto | @TXT_members/Twitter

Beomgyu has made his beloved pet parrot pretty well-known throughout his time with TXT. He revealed the origin story of how he came to adopt Toto in an interview with Weverse Magazine.


Before he adopted Toto, his family had a dog named June that he and his brother loved. After having June for a while, they came to realize that a puppy was too much responsibility and they could not keep her.

Though he didn’t give the specifics on how he came to get Toto, he stated that a parrot was the perfect fit for his family because they are so independent.

Beomgyu often shares cute photos of his pet and you can tell how loved Toto is!

Toto loves bread, just like Soobin!


5. Taehyun Wanted To Be A Magician

TXT’s Taehyun

When Taehyun was young, he always wanted to be a magician. Though his childhood dreams did not come true and he became an idol instead, Taehyun often puts his magic skills to use.

He dedicated a full livestream to teaching Hueningkai card tricks.

TXT’s Hueningkai (Left), Taehyun (Right)

He has even performed magic shows like this video from Idol Radio!

TXT never fails to show their true personalities to their fans. Their talent and relatability is the reason why MOAs love them and always come back wanting to know more.

Source: Teen Vogue and Forbes