TXT’s Soobin Faced His Fear For “Run Away” Filming

He’s one step closer to overcoming his fear now.

Despite being over six feet tall, TXT has poked fun at their leader Soobin for his fear of water. In the making clip for their comeback music video “Nine And Three Quarters (Run Away)”, he’s come a bit closer to overcoming that fear.

Soobin let loose by jumping into the pool with his members and splashing around with them. Although he was more comfortable than before, he wasn’t quite there yet.

During the more advanced moves in the pool, Soobin was seated on the side, watching his little brothers. That didn’t stop him from eventually rejoining the fun.

In the end, he confessed that he was no longer as afraid of the water as he was before. Sometimes all it takes is a small step to gain the upper hand over your fears.

See Soobin face his in their MV shooting sketch.