5 GIFs Of Seolhyun From AOA’s Comeback That Will Make You Fall In Love

Seolhyun’s the Nation’s It Girl for a reason!

AOA‘s Seolhyun is a goddess!

On November 26, AOA made their return to the music scene as a five-member group with title track “Come See Me”, and when they dropped the MV, fans were All. About. It! In celebration of their much-awaited comeback, here are 5 GIFs of Seolhyun that truly show her boss-lady side to the fullest!

1. Seolhyun on a bike? Yes please!

This shot of Seolhyun getting on the bike is now forever etched into our minds.


2. She’s firing her shot…straight into our hearts.

Her facial expressions are no joke!


3. Seolhyun in a suit is the best thing ever.

Boss Lady Seolhyun’s here!


(an extra bonus GIF of her in this suit because she looks so good!)


4. Her intense gaze feels like she’s looking into your soul.

Did we mention her facial expressions? Because DAMN.


5.  This eyebrow-raise should be illegal!

She killed approximately 10000+ fans with this one look.


After receiving lots of positive attention for their appearance on Mnet‘s Queendom, AOA has now made their comeback with “Come See Me”. Watch the MV here!