5 Groups That Have Used Beautiful Hanboks As Part Of Their Stage Outfits

The true beauty of Korea.

The hanbok is known as Korea’s traditional clothing, and it is a beautiful and detailed piece of garment that can often cost up to the thousands even. This is as each piece is lovingly crafted using fine threads and silks and needs to be done by a proper craftsmen to bring out its beauty. Although many factory-made blends are widely available for cheap nowadays, these groups remind us of how beautiful the art of the hanbok is!

1. SuperM

SuperM’s new upcoming release for “Tiger Inside” features the boys in modernized hanboks. Many have praised the boys for choosing to use the traditional fabrics and cuts of the hanbok as they are known as a group marketed for international waters. This will help to make the traditional outfit more known.

| SM Entertainment

The group also features two non-Koreans, Ten and Lucas, who both look beautiful in the outfits.

| SM Entertainment


The queens wore modernized versions of the hanbok as well, during their stages and music video for “How You Like That”. Their versions of the hanbok was a hot topic as they had customized it into shorter outfits including crop tops.

| YG Entertainment

3. BTS’s Suga

Suga’s entire set for “Daechwita” was based on the olden days, so it is unsurprising that he makes use of the hanbok as an outfit for his music video concept! He paired it with black platform sneakers, lending a more modern twist.

| BigHit Entertainment


During Queendom, in an epic stage cover of Lovelyz‘s “Destiny”, OH MY GIRL wore beautiful hanboks with a lace inner. They even completed the look with a norigae accessory at the waist.

| @WM_OHMYGIRL/Twitter


One of the first idols to use the hanbok as stage outfits, during their promotions for “Shangri-La”, VIXX made headlines for the creative use of the traditional outfit. They even incorporated a fan into their choreography.

| Jellyfish Entertainment

6. BTS

In their epic music video for “IDOL” screams their pride of being a K-Pop idol, even when many used to mock idols. They not only represented that pride, they took it a step further by wearing hanboks to showcase the beauty of Korea’s culture and tradition. True cultural ambassadors of the country indeed!

| BigHit Entertainment

While these idols were the first few to wear the hanbok as part of their stage outfits, they will not be the only one! As K-Pop is gaining popularity throughout the world, it is certain more idols will take to wearing their traditional outfits to spread the beauty of their country!