5 Hilarious “SHINee As” Threads That Perfectly Represent Their Chaotic Group

Shawols are just as chaotic as the boys themselves!

SHINee‘s been around for 13 years now! As Shawols are celebrating, we can’t help but meme about these chaotically loveable boys. Many fans created “SHINee as” threads that perfectly encapsulate their personalities.

Happy 13th Anniversary!

1. The Onion Headlines

Onew: “Dad Just Wants To Watch One 7-Hour Block Of Television Without Interruption”

Jonghyun: “Beautiful Cinnamon Roll To Good For This World, Too Pure”

Key: “Kitten Thinks of Nothing But Murder All Day”

Minho: “Man Says ‘F*ck It,’ Eats Lunch At 10:58 A.M.”

Taemin: “27-Year-Old Lies About Every Single Aspect Of His Life To Keep Parents From Worrying”

2. Starbucks Customers

Onew: Tips $1-2 Every Time, Nice Even If You Mess Up, Talks to You As You Work, Tells You Bad Jokes

Orders: Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Extra Whipped Cream

Jonghyun: Barely Drinks Chain Coffeeshop Coffee, Doesn’t Know The Menu and Takes Forever To Order, Doesn’t Understand Why People Pay $8 For A Drink, Stays For Hours

Orders: Latte

Key: Drive Through Mobile Order, Asks For Pup Cups

Orders: Triple Short Latte Macchiato Steamed to 190 Degrees, Light Foam, One Stevia, and Nutmeg On Top (or An Americano)

Minho: Soccer Dad, 3 Kids, His Kids Only Drink Frappuccinos, Cake Pops, Tips A Lot

Orders: Black Coffee

Taemin: Only There For Pokemon, Go!, Likes Frappuccinos, Loves Secret Menu, Talks While You Work

3. Neko Atsume Cats

Onew: Pumpkin—Spacey

Jonghyun: Frosty—Sensitive

Key: Lady Meow-Meow—Diva

Minho: Joe DiMeowgio—Team Player

Taemin: Senor Don Gato—Scheming

4. Animal Crossing Villagers

Onew: Cranky, Eagle, Loyal, Discusses Food, “I’m catching some Z’s right now, wake me and REGRET IT”

Jonghyun: Sisterly, Dog, Tough On The Outside Soft On The Inside, Catches Bugs For You

Key: Smug, Gazelle, Best House, Cold at First But Warm When You Get To Know Him

Minho: Jock, Lion, Asks You to Play Soccer And Gives You Jerseys As A Gift, “I’m so tired today… the 10,000 squats I’ve done this morning really caught up with me”

Taemin: Normal, Sweet, Penguin, Naive, Positive Outlook

5. Troubled Birds

Onew: “Things just got super weird—it’s my time to shine.”

Jonghyun: “I’m three ounces of whoop-a*s.”

Key: “I’d sell you to Satan for one corn chip.”

Minho: “That’s a crazy idea. Insane. It doesn’t make sense. ‘You’ll do it?’ ‘Of course,’ I replied.”

Taemin: “Looking for trouble, and if I cannot find it, I will create it.”

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