5 Of The Most Iconic Fathers And Grandfathers In K-Drama History

Happy Father’s Day!

It’s almost Father’s Day! So, what better time to celebrate the best fathers and grandfathers in K-Drama history?

Although often hidden by the main storyline, these men have proved that a parent can still be an amazingly complex character. Even if you don’t know their names, you have most likely found them in some of your favorite series and know them quite well.

It’s time to highlight these actors’ hard work!

1. Ahn Gil Kang

Some of his Appa/Halaboji K-Dramas/Movies: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok JooInto the Ring, WATCHER, Orange Marmalade, Naeil’s Cantible, Sweet & Sour, On Your Wedding Day, and more.

Ahn Gil Kang in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

2. Jeon Gook Hwan

Some of his Appa/Halaboji K-Dramas/Movies: Sisyphus: The Myth, She Would Never Know, Crash Landing on You, Graceful Family, The Nokdu Flower, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, While You Were Sleeping, and more.

Jeon Gook Hwan in Crash Landing on You

3. Jung In Gi

Some of his Appa/Halaboji K-Dramas/Movies: Flower Boy Ramyun ShopPlease Don’t Date Him, My Absolute Boyfriend, Laughter in Waikiki 2, Bad Papa, The Girl Who Sees Scents, Hospital Ship, The Bride of Haebak, Secret Garden, and more.

Jung In Gi in The Girl Who Sees Scents

4. Uhm Hyo Sup

Some of his Appa/Halaboji K-Dramas/Movies: Youth of May, Start-Up, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Extraordinary You, He is Psychometric, While You Were Sleeping, Doctors, You Who Came From The Stars, and more.

Uhm Hyo Sup in Extraordinary You | MBC 

5. Jung Hae Kyun

Some of his Appa/Halaboji K-Dramas/Movies: Navillera, Kill It, 100 Days My Prince, Save Me, Love in the Moonlight, The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, Doctors, Orange Marmalade, and more.

Jung Hae Kyun in 100 Days My Prince