Here Are 5 Idols Who Fans Believe Resemble Wolves

They have seriously wolfish visuals.

There are lots of idols who resemble animals! Fans often give nicknames to them as a sign of affection that alludes to the animals they resemble, and so here are 5 idols who fans think look just like wolves!


1. Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon

Dreamcatcher‘s Siyeon is well-known among fans to have a very wolfish-visual! Siyeon acknowledges this herself, as she’s even referred to herself as “in charge of being the wolf ” in the team!


2. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu has a very intense air around him, as well as a very sharp, penetrative gaze that especially comes to light when he performs!


3. INFINITE’s Woohyun

INFINITE‘s Woohyun once revealed that he has wolf-like canines on his bottom teeth, which fans find incredibly endearing! They feel that Woohyun’s teeth really do lend a wolf-like air to his visuals, and are glad that he’s no longer insecure about them!


4. ANS’s Bian

From the newly debuted girl group ANS, Bian has also been dubbed by fans and her members alike for resembling a baby wolf! With her snaggletooth and high face structure, she looks just like a wolf!

5. 2PM’s Taecyeon

Source: We Heart It- Tania A Escobar

In the MV for 2PM‘s 2015 song, “My House”, Taecyeon took on the alter-ego of a wolf, and he resembled the animal very closely with his fierce gaze and strong energy!


Who’s your favorite wolfish-idol?