5 Idols Who Practice Their Singing…While Running On A Treadmill

Would you try this at home?

It’s not easy being an idol. Aside from executing difficult and complicated dances, they are also expected to sing live with stable vocals. One of their solutions? Working out on a treadmill, of course! By singing while running, they learn how to stabilize their vocals even if they are tired and have to move around a lot.

Read on to see 5 idols who train their vocals by singing while running on a treadmill!

1. Niel (TEENTOP)

In this resurfaced video, TEENTOP‘s Niel can be seen exercising on a treadmill. It may seem at first as if the song being played is a recording, but nope! It’s Niel singing beautifully as he goes on an intense run.

2. TXT

Like Niel, this video of TXT running on a treadmill while singing will make you think they’re playing a recording in the background. If someone ever needed to see proof of their extremely stable vocals, just show them this!

3. BoA

BoA is well-known for her top-notch singing, but she recently revealed that it took hard work to reach where she is. She shared in an interview with SBS’s Because I Want To Talk that she started singing while running on a treadmill in order to overcome her stage fright.


TVXQ is another group who is known for their stable and powerful vocals. Yunho demonstrated and explained in an interview that a few minutes of running on a treadmill helps him to sing live for a longer length of time.

5. Jungkook (BTS)

Finally, ARMYs may know that BTS‘s Jungkook is another idol who is famous for singing while running on a treadmill. Although strenuous, he does this to make sure he sounds great while singing live!

The hard work and dedication these idols have in improving their skills is truly commendable!

Source: theqoo