BoA Says She Suffered From Stage Fright After Messing up a Showcase in Japan

“Every time I went up on stage, I felt like I lost a year of my life.”

The legendary K-Pop star, BoA recently appeared on SBS’s Because I Want To Talk with Lee Dong Wook where she revealed that she suffered from stage fight early on in her career after messing up a showcase in Japan.

BoA explained that back in 2001, she was used to lip-syncing in Korea, but that she had to perform live in a showcase in Japan.

But BoA confessed that she wasn’t prepared for it.

I wanted to dance well and singing well, but I kept running out of breath. I just wasn’t ready.

– BoA


BoA even revealed that a person related to a Japanese agency told her that it would take her at least 10 years to hold her own solo concert.

I underestimated it. A person from a Japanese agency told me that it would probably take over 10 years to have my own solo concert.

– BoA

She suffered from stage fright after that, so she inevitably took some time off to recover and train.

What especially touched Lee Dong Wook and viewers was when she shared the pain she suffered as well as the effort she made the overcome that stage fright.

Every time I went up on stage, I felt like I lost a year of my life. So in order to overcome my stage fright, I took some time off and trained. I trained intensely by practicing singing while running on a treadmill.

– BoA

Luckily, that helped her to overcome her stage fright and led to her becoming one of the biggest K-Pop pioneers in history.

Way to go, BoA!

Source: Dispatch