5 Idols With Unique Facial Scars That Make Them All The More Beautiful

We’re almost jealous of #2’s!

As a K-Pop idol, one often has to be absolutely perfect as they are under constant pressure and scrutiny to maintain picture perfect at all times. However, these 5 idols definitely broke the mould with how bold they are with showing off their imperfections!

1. SHINee’s Key and his fashionable eyebrow scar

| @SHINee/Twitter

Key’s eyebrow scar is a little bit of a legend – he claimed that he originally filled it in with makeup to cover it up. This can be seen especially in his debut days, where he sported full eyebrows. However, as time passed, Key realized that the uniqueness was what made him look cool. He began to see it in a different light and left it alone from then on. The irony is that nowadays, many purposely shave off a middle strip of their eyebrow as part of the “eyebrow scratch” trend!

2. NCT’s Taeyong and his rose-shaped scar

| SM Entertainment

Many Tyongfs use the rose motif for things regarding the singer, and for a very touching reason. His right eye has a small scar next to it and fans think that it looks like a rose! He had gotten hurt when he was young and picked at the scab, leaving a scar behind. He has thanked fans before in an interview for helping him to see his facial imperfection in a more positive light.

3. NCT’s Doyoung and his bunny whisker lip scar

| @colorshower201/Twitter

To be honest, it’s barely noticeable! If you squint, near the corners of his lips, he has a faint Y-shaped scar. While he has only shared that he got it when he was younger in a fight, fans love the tiny detail on his face. They think that it makes him all the more bunny-like, as his nickname! The scar also occasionally melds into a dimple as in the photo above.

4. BTS’s Jungkook and his cheek scar

| @headliner_JK/Twitter

The reason for his scar is also probably the most like the golden maknae! He got it from a tussle with his brother over a computer when he was younger. That may teach us regular folks to not fight over toys but on Jungkook, it adds to his rugged charm.

5. EXO’s Sehun and his cheek scar

| SM Entertainment

Sehun has a similar scar to Jungkook, and while he did not go into details, the star merely shared that he got it when he was younger. The scar is often hard to see though as fan sites and official shoots are fond of blurring it out.

Regardless of their scars and the stories behind them, what’s great is that fans are sure to find these small imperfections endearing instead!