5 Inspirational Moments Where BTS’s Suga Proved He’s A Woke Person Deserving To Be A Role Model To The Youth

The world has become a better place because of Suga, wouldn’t you agree? #3 is especially relevant in today’s society.

ARMYs have such a strong dedication to BTS — not only because they’re amazing musicians and talented performers, but also because they are the perfect examples of what a role model should be.

All BTS members use their popularity as a platform to raise awareness for important issues in today’s society.


Take BTS’s Suga, for example. Here are five inspirational moments when Suga has proven that he’s an open-minded and “woke” person who deserves to be a role model who can positively influence today’s youth.

1. He supports “comfort women” who were victims of prostitution

During a fanmeet, Suga was seen to be using a Marymond mirror which was established to provide support for victims of sexual slaves during war.

Founded in 2012, Marymond is known for its flower design that is styled on phone cases, clothes, tote bags, beddings and even skin care products. It donates at least half of its profits to comfort women.

During the year 2016, Marymond claims to have donated almost 800 million won (almost $700,000 USD) for the “comfort women” issue.

2. Suga doesn’t beat the bush when it comes to discussing mental health

He cares about raising society’s awareness on mental health concerns that he explicitly mentions his personal experiences about it, whenever the opportunity arises.

So I think for not just us but other celebrities, if they talk about it openly — if they talk about depression for example like it’s the common cold, then it becomes more and more accepted if it’s a common disorder like the cold.

– Suga

Even well-known celebrities like Halsey applaud him for his openness to discussing this topic.

More and more, I think artists or celebrities who have a voice should talk about these problems and bring it up to the surface.

– Suga

His statements about depression stem from his personal experience in battling this mental health concern. Suga believes that creating an open environment where we can freely help one another is important.

3. He focuses on promoting body positivity

During a fanmeet, a fan told Yoongi that her weight is currently 80 kg. She then mentioned that she’s willing to lose weight so that she could fit his ideal girl’s weight. This is what Suga said in reply.

He also makes sure to tell ARMYs to stay just the way they are because he wouldn’t be able to live if they went on a diet — such a sweet guy!

Suga knows how hard it is to suffer from body weight issues, so he always tells ARMYs to eat well because he doesn’t want them to skip meals.

4. He supports the LGBT+ community

In an interview with Japanese magazine Oricon Style back in 2014, Suga answered a question about what he first notices when he looks at girls.

I focus on personality and atmosphere. I don’t have an ideal type and it’s not limited to a girl.


BTS members were also asked about an LGBT-related topic during an interview with Billboard, and Suga said:

There’s nothing wrong. Everyone is equal.

– Suga


5. He donates to charity — and as much as possible, he wants to do it secretly

Some of his notable donations include donating 100 million KRW (apprx. $82,550 USD) to the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association to help the city fight back against the coronavirus…

…and another 100 million won (apprx. $82,550 USD) to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation, a charity which helps children diagnosed with various forms of cancer.

Suga’s heart is too pure and too helpful for this world — and the world is certainly a better place with him in it.

Don’t you agree?