5 K-Drama Actors Who Go The Extra Mile To Make Their Kiss Scenes Perfect

No wonder it looks so breathtaking all the time!

A romantic kiss scene has become a must-include for any K-Drama series, as viewers crave the heart throb, the intensity, and the UWU of watching the lead roles finally admit their feelings for each other. And to create that kind of scene, actors prepare themselves not only emotionally… but physically too! From flossing to brushing, actors try the best to be ready for some serious lip smacking. These 5 K-Drama actors went the extra mile to make sure their kiss scenes turn out perfect!


1. Kang Ha Neul

In a previous episode of Happy Together, actor Kang Ha Neul revealed that there is an extra step he takes before going on set to shoot a kiss scene — and that is to chew a minty gum to freshen his breath!


2. Park Bo Gum

Looking back at his first-ever kiss scene with Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri for Reply 1988, actor Park Bo Gum shared in an interview that he prepped himself by brushing his teeth squeaky clean and drinking a lot of water.


3. Jo Jung Suk

Actor Jo Jung Suk, well known and appreciated among Korean drama lovers for his mastery of kiss scenes, commented in a previous radio interview that he tries to be as considerate as possible when it comes to smooches. Like Park Bo Gum, Jo Jung Suk also pays a visit to the restroom to brush his teeth before the shoot so he can focus on making it look good.


4. Yoo Yeon Seok

In a previous episode of Happy Together, actor Yoo Yeon Seok spilled the behind-the-scene tip for his smooth kissy adventure with co-star Seo Hyun Jin. To soften the mood, he prepared a bottle of wine for the shoot — and that added romantic vibe turned the kiss scene into a steamy success!


5. Im Won Hee

And the award for the most extreme measure goes to… actor Im Won Hee! He was spotted getting dental treatment for his big scene, as revealed in an episode of My Little Old Boy. After all, nothing is more official than the doctor’s OK, right?

Source: Insight