5+ K-Dramas That Had To Halt Filming Due To Unexpected Situations

Number 1 is just insane.

While most K-Dramas usually have little issues when filming the show from beginning to end, there have been some that ran into unexpected issues, to the point where they had put a halt to filming. Here’s a list of a few K-Dramas that ran into this situation.

1. Chimera

Chimera had to put a halt to filming when it was revealed that a scriptwriter was sexually harassed by a staff member, then later traumatized by a producer. Both the staff member and producer were removed from the program once this was revealed.

2. Return

Return halted filming due to some disputes between actress Go Hyun Jung and the director. Go Hyun Jung eventually left the cast due to the disputes, and filming had to be halted for some time.

3. Spy Myung Wol

Midway through Spy Myung-Wol, Han Ye Seul decided to not show up for filming one day and instead flew to the United States. She did this because of the insane working conditions the director made her work through.

The show had to halt filming for a short while due to this. Han Ye Seul eventually returned to South Korea to conclude filming after receiving some backlash from netizens.

4. 20th Century Boy And Girl

20th Century Boy And Girl had to halt filming due to the production company going on strike. The main reason for the strike was to get the president of MBC to resign, as it was revealed that a lot of Korea’s main broadcasting channels did not properly report on Park Geun Hye’s abuse of power while she was president.

5. Wolf

Wolf had to halt filming after a few of their actors got injured during filming. While the show was going to resume filming once everyone recovered, constant postponements caused the show to get canceled.

6. Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You once took a short break from filming due to cold weather conditions. The producers felt the weather conditions were unsafe, so they took a short hiatus from filming.

7. Hi Bye, Mama

This K-Drama had a short halt to filming when one of the staff members showed symptoms of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). They resumed filming after the staff member tested negative.