These 5 Handsome Korean Actors Are Turning 40 Years Old Soon… Believe It Or Not

What sorcery is this?

Age is just a number: Yes, indeed, especially in the Korean entertainment world where everyone is being sprinkled with some undying beauty magic. Take a look at these 5 Korean actors, all born 1982 — which means they have reached 39 years old in Korean age when 2020 dawned. Makes no sense? We thought so. Because that only means these men are going to turn 40 years old next year. That is correct, the big 4-0. How? These handsome fellas don’t look their age at all. Have they found the fountain of youth? Perhaps.

1. Hyun Bin

2. Ju Ji Hoon

3. Lee Joon Gi

4. Ha Seok Jin

5. Jung Tae Woo

Source: Insight