These 5 Gorgeous K-Pop Goddesses All Hail From The House Of “Bae”

What a house!

It seems that the ladies of the “Bae” house have something more in common than just their last names. They are, for one, all multi-talented and also all drop-dead gorgeous. Here are 5 female K-Pop idols who share the last name Bae and have come to be, like their last names, our favorite bae-s.

1. Suzy

Suzy, whose legal name is Bae Suzy, is one of the better known goddesses that hail from the House of Bae. She has long been her fans’ one and only bae.

2. Red Velvet’s Irene

Red Velvet‘s Irene also shares the last name Bae, as her full legal name is actually Bae Joo Hyun. And like her last name suggests, she is a totally babe!

3. OH MY GIRL’s Binnie

OH MY GIRL‘s Binnie comes from the Bae house as well. While she is rarely known as her full legal name, Bae Yu Bin, she has the vocal and the visual to make the Bae House proud!


LABOUM ZN‘s full legal name is Bae Jin Ye, making her one of the five Bae-s of K-Pop. With LABOUM making way as a rising rookie, fans look forward to seeing more from this bae!

5. Dal Shabet’s Woohee

Dal Shabet‘s Woohee, who is now building her career as actress Bae Woo Hee, hails from the House of Bae as well. K-Pop fans have high anticipation for her adventures as an actress.

Source: Insight